Tabata who? The timeless secrets of passion-fueled business owners

Ever heard of Tabata?

Up until January this year, I never knew it existed.

You may or may not have seen my articles before about my martial arts training.

For 7 years I have consistently trained in Tae Kwon Do 3-4 times a week, and have my second degree Black Belt.

I also walk the dog for an hour a day.

But my weight (ahem, more like flab) just wasn’t going away as fast as I wanted.

So I sought out a kettle bell trainer in Calgary and started training with Belinda Morrison of



Her husband Collin showed me the ropes with Kettlebells (awesome!) and then Belinda taught me Tabata training (you burn more fat in 4 minutes of Tabata band training than 30 minutes of jogging).

In 2 months of training with Belinda, I have dropped 3 belt notches!

Loving it!

Besides the training though, Belinda is an amazing business owner and coach.

Her workouts are 30 minutes long.

Tabata training is usually 20 seconds of all-out sprints at some form of body weight, or actual weights… then 10 seconds of rest.

20 seconds all-out.

10 seconds rest.

Do THAT for 30 minutes straight – I DARE YA.

I was in decent shape from all the martial arts and walking, but I realized how much I was missing out on by sticking to my comfort zone.

Way better shape now, better endurance, body fat melting off.

She calls her workouts F.L.O.W. – Fat Loss Optimized Workouts.

All because this one entrepreneur LOVES what she does.

Belinda trains all kinds of people.

Elite athletes.

Fem Sport contestants (female athletes that could kick the butt of any men I know!)

Average Janes, and Joes, like myself.

Her daughter was just ranked the top athlete for her age and sport (hurdles) in the province we live in.

When the family gets together – they do workouts as games.

During her workouts that I am in – she shares nutritional tips, eating tips, supplement tips – between sets and during our rests.

She LOVES her business and it shines.

Lessons galore for all of us in business.

Nurture your passion for business.

Feed it.

Stretch it.

Push it hard.

Your passion for business is a bright light that attracts your ideal clients – and KEEPS them loyal to you for a long time.


…if your passion is gone and your business is blah…


Find something else that fires you up.

Get FAR out of your comfort zone.

Try new things.

Belinda is a MASTER at her business and I have learned a TON from her in just a couple months.

If you are in Calgary – you MUST sign up for her classes (at a minimum – join me Saturday mornings at 9 am for her workouts – money goes to Charity).

WARNING: her workouts are tough – be prepared to work until you feel like puking (she says that’s ‘normal’). This is not a place you go to socialize – this is a place you go to sweat, and work your ASS off!

So, so, so worth it.

So is the refuelling of your passion for business!

Have a fantastic day – and work your tail off till you feel like puking!


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