Sprinting from the HYPE-train (real world ad results from unusual places)

Total gong show!

After 16 years in the freelance copywriting business, I’ve about had it with the nonsense I see in many of the circles.

Not to mention the hype-filled promises being made out there.

From the magical info courses that cure hangovers, sales slowdowns, AND acne… all in one.

To the crazy crypto promises that were made to unsuspecting investors (a gal that trains with me in Kickboxing/Muay Thai has a brother that lost… $300,000 in crypto over the last month – I am sure you know others as well).

Launch after launch after launch.

$997 – $1997 – $2997 prices for ebooks.

45 step funnels that are a supposed ‘necessity’ to any ‘serious’ business owner, according the the funnel hackers out there.

Does it ever end?

Meanwhile, we have some of the greatest opportunities of all time at our beck and call.

As long as you are serious about working hard, and not wishing upon the magical money fairy, you can and will find the opportunity you want this year.

I am running some Facebook ads right now for a business I am working on, and they are kicking bootay!

Leads stream in daily.

Follow ups go out systematically.

Sales get made and partners are found.

With a simple tool ANYONE can use.

The formula I am using is simple….

(1) Advertorial style post on FB (entering the conversation in the mind of the targeted audience)

No promises made. No companies or products, or even niches mentioned.

Just a solid story that digs at them and makes them think “how did this person know what I was THINKING?”

(2) From there, they ask for info – I follow up – and a % of them take the action I want.

The best part – the simplicity in this.

It works in every industry.

For every product or service (this one had to be modified a bit to play nicely with FB ad guidelines).

Anyone with a small budget or large can use it to add sales, leads, and partners.

You may have seen (or not – I haven’t been writing as much over the past year), my last post about a new business I am in.

If you didn’t see it, and are looking for something that’s real, that helps people in pain, and has a HOT market you can sell to – hit reply right now and say you want info.


This is NOT for the thin-skinned or weak-hearted.

It’s a bit controversial.

You will get nastiness from others.

And there’s soooo much nonsense out there.

Which is EXACTLY why I’m all OVER this business opportunity.

It’s hot, timely, and controversial (which is AWESOME for marketing).

It’s has a big upside for personal development, your health, and your income.

And I give you every strategy I personally am using to grow my business…

…the copy I use

…video training on how I place and manage my ads

…weekly video and audio training to show you whats hot and working now

I’ve been active in this business for less than 2 months. The top dogs in the company/industry want to know what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

So they are interviewing me tomorrow (wed) to find out the straight scoop.

Do you want to listen in?

This is a great chance to see a hype-free system that works, that makes money, that helps people.

Real people making stellar incomes, without all the nonsense you see inside the internet marketing world.

If you want in, there’s one catch – you need to go through this page to get it.

Fill in your name and email and I will reach out with the webinar details.

There’s a bonus to that approach too – if you decide you want to make some money partnering with me – going through that page also starts to build your customer base FOR YOU.

Yup – by the time you get started, you already have the foundation needed for a relatively quick income.

…how much income I can’t say.

That depends on you.

No magic millions button or promises here.

I am looking for people who actually enjoy the fruits of their labor and know that it’s BS to expect fortunes without having to do anything.

So grab a spot here https://goo.gl/BhGWYs and I will reach out with the webinar link.

The call is tomorrow at 10am pst – a recording will be sent out to everyone that signs up for free info as well.

See you on the call!


PS: This is a bit of a diversion from my usual business. There’s some real GOOD reasons (monetary and personal) that I’ll reveal on the webinar tomorrow with Barb (who makes more in a month than many internet marketing ‘gurus’ make in a year – all hype free as you will soon see https://goo.gl/BhGWYs


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