Self sabotage and self-defeating beliefs

Lots of people completely screw up their success potential with self-sabotage.

Righhhhht when things are getting good… you do something stupid to screw it up.

Like clockwork.

Again, and again, and again.

Pretty moronic… isn’t it?self sabotage

I do it.

I’m sure you do too.

Pretty well most people have some way of messing things up when the going gets good.

Why… remains an open question with many, many opinions on why it happens.

But it does.

And there ARE things you can do to minimize it.

First – develop some NEW obsessive compulsive based habits. Those habits you stick to NO MATTER WHAT. They aren’t simple to create – but oh-so-worthwhile.

You know how to create a habit – YOU JUST DO IT DAILY until it BECOMES a habit.

If you want to be a blogger and get more traffic to your site – you BLOG DAILY. About anything and everything.

You don’t let excuses get it the way.

You buck up and get the writing done.


Then you have a backup plan for those days that AREN’T so easy to get motivated.

Some form of a daily reminder that pops up on your phone, your computer, your tablet – all at the same time or staggered so as to become a PEST.

Then you DO IT.

Most ignore the reminders.

I have multiple OCD habits.

Some around writing for the various niches I work inside.

Others include twice a day dog walks.

Another is 4 X per week Tabata training (awesome, awesome, awesome!)

And my martial arts training has been OCD-worthy now for 7 years straight. 3 times a week – every week – every month – for 7 years.

THAT is OCD worthy!

Inside each of my habits, I have my backup plan and reminders.

I have coaches or accountability partners.

I KNOW why I am doing them and what my end goal is for each of them.

Now it’s your turn.

Find 2 or 3 things you want more than anything else in this world.

Get them down on paper.

Why you want them (be crystal clear on your why – is it big enough to make you want to cry? It needs to be!)

What your goal is.

What you will do, come hell or high water, to ENSURE they do happen in an OCD-worthy manner.

Then do it.

Your backup plan is what will help you overcome the self defeating habits and self sabotage.

I am here to help.

You want to be a prolific writer? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

Want to be a prolific marketer? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

Want to drop a bunch of fat and get into the best shape of your life? Drop me a line through the contact form on this page and let’s discuss.

You need SOMEONE to push and prod you… let me be the one!


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