Pot smoking pigs and the power of a great hook

I ran into a great article in The National Post about a pig farmer/butcher in Seattle that GETS IT about marketing.


…what makes one marketing campaign work like gangbusters… while others flop about like a fish outta water.

He catches the whiff of a local ‘trend’ – the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado.

He’s in a somewhat-commodity type business… pork meat.

He’s a smart man, puts 2 and 2 together…

…and VOILA…

** Marijuana-infused prosciutto **

He not only sees the benefits in getting FREE food for his pigs (all the remnants from the Medicinal Marijuana growers)…

…he inherently knows this is a WICKED GOOD marketing hook or story.

His “Pot Pigs” are sold through his Pike Place Butcher shop (BB Ranch) and have become a delicacy and are a redder and more savoury meat than non-stoned pigs.

It’s important to note that before he stumbled upon the spliff-smoking swines hook, he fed his pigs Vodka as a way to differentiate himself and to flavor the meat with a heavy dose of awesome marketing.

I’m starting to think these porkers have a pretty good lifestyle… up until the butchering part 🙂 marijuana pot pig

After putting some “weed to his feed”, he then does what any great marketer does – he creates the world’s first Pot Pig Gig – a pot-infused pig event.


It reeks of a great story – leverages some fantastic marketing ideas, and has lessons ANYONE can use.

Like Freddings did with his cows…. creating drunken cows by feeding them red wine every day and getting a much more tastier and tender beef product (not to mention a BIG premium in what he sells his beef for!)

Or by sharing his heart-warming (and wrenching) stories of his dog Blue, who Dave Munson traveled the world with while building up Saddleback Leather (one of my FAVORITE story-telling websites –

What about Panda Poop coffee that sells for… wait for it… $18,000 a kilo?

Or Wild Cicvik (a wild cat from Thailand) that poops out the berries it eats and aspiring poop-a-preneurs convert that to coffee and get $25 a cup (!!) for it.

Yes… all true stories I have written about in the past.

All VERY good examples of how to leverage unusual stories and hooks into your marketing.

Not to say you have to get into the poop, vodka or marijuana bizness… but you truly need to be on the lookout for strange angles you can use in your marketing.

THAT is what gets attention…

…and is what people will pay for.

Great stories.

Powerful and bizarre hooks.

And spliff smoking swines as your mascot doesn’t hurt either.


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