One thing Seth did differently to get an 18:1 return on his marketing

2016 flew by in a flash… and 2017 is here patiently waiting
for those who can handle what she brings.

Not only will this coming year prove to be an exciting one, it
will also bring out the best and worst in people’s personal
financial situations.

Sadly, quite a few people will not be prepared…. they will lose
their jobs with no savings to tide them over… they will lose
most of their savings, and sell off what remains in a state of
panic… or they will go through the coming year in a zombie like
trance, just waiting for it all to come to an end.

Then there are those who go into this year with a plan.
(like the done-for-you plan at http://www.cashflowcalendars.com)

Seth had a plan…

“Troy’s info works! I was able to uncover great story ideas
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Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks again!”

~~~~ Seth Greene

People like Seth have thought through what they will do differently this
year, month and week. They think through the long term
consequences of the businesses they start, the projects they get
involved in, the investments they put money into, and the
priorities they make in their life.

Early January 2018, one year from today, some people will reflect
back with awe over what happened in 12 short months.

They tripled their income.

They bought rental properties for pennies on the dollar.

They started that new business, or expanded their existing one.

They are living the life they once thought was just a vision in
the back of their mind.

On the flip-side… January 2018 will also see some people
overwhelmed with fear, sadness and depression. Maybe they lost
their job and couldn’t see the foresight to find a new job in a
new industry.

…Or they panicked and sold off their remaining investments,
only to see those investments return back to their
former levels.

…Or they just went about their day-to-day activities as they
always have, and, surprise surprise, things look pretty well
exactly the same for them this January as they did last January.

The choice IS yours… you know that.

But, if you have not at least started thinking through (on paper)
what you are doing differently this year… how can you expect
any different results?

If you have not set some goals for the coming 12 months, how can
you expect to achieve them?

How will you know what it is you’re aiming for?

By now, you should have put together your best of/worst of lists
for 2016. This is a great way to reflect back on the year… to
give yourself a pat on the back for everything you did that
worked out for you on the plus side.

It’s also the chance to reflect back on the things you did in
2016 that didn’t work out all that well for you.

The defeats.

The failures.

The constant frustrations you met with.

When you look at the good AND the bad… you will see trends.

And those trends you see can revolutionize 2017 for you.

The failures… have they happened before?


What are you going to do differently about it this year so they
DON’T happen again?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Here is what I would suggest you do right now
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

First… set aside 60 minutes.

Turn off the tv.
Forego a lunch break.
Get up an hour earlier.
Or stay up an hour later.

Lock yourself away somewhere without phones, tvs, or email.

And get busy writing!

List out everything good that happened to you in 2016.

List out everything not-so-good that happened to you in 2016.

And look for the trends.

Things that keep repeating themselves… things that have
positive and negative results for you.

Then come up with a plan on how you will do 10 times more of the
positive things in the coming year.

And how you will eliminate the negative things you do that cause
bad things to happen in your life.

The best way to write your plan?

This is something I have done for many years now, and I love how
it feels once you are done.

After reviewing your good and bad. And after thinking through
what you will be doing differently in the next year.

Write a letter to yourself (or your spouse, your kids, or whoever
is most important to you in your life right now)… but the
letter is dated January 1, 2018… a year from now.

And talk about all the incredible things that happened over the
past year.

Gush about your accomplishments, your successes, your biggest
ah-hah moments.

Talk about what a wild ride 2017 was… and how much fun it was
to accomplish all those dreams in one year.

See yourself in that state, a year from now, and really feel how
exciting it will be for you to be there celebrating your best
year ever.

Lock that feeling in.

Get that letter typed up – or leave it in long hand.

Important: Read it every morning for the next year (it takes you
1 minute… you CAN find the time). When you read it… see
yourself there enjoying the moment. Feel what it will feel like
to celebrate the big wins you wrote about.

You do that, right now, before you forget and “put it off for
later”, and I guarantee you that 2017 will break all of your
previous record years.

You do that, and review it every single morning, and some amazing
things WILL happen for you.

It helps you think big.

It helps you plan the year.

And it helps reprogram your mind for success, with a daily boost
to keep out all the negative stuff the media is throwing at you.

Despite what the media is saying, right now is an incredible
opportunity for success minded individuals like you and I. More
wealth is made in the down times than the good… and that time
is right here and now.

The choice is yours… will you do something differently right
here and now that guarantees January 2018 will be a massive
celebration at your house? Or will you keep hoping and praying
something will change… “one of these days”?

Make the right choice… I am here to support you in your quest.

To a fabulous year ahead!


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