My disastrous first attempt at information marketing

15 or so years ago I saw an ad in a newspaper.  Some guy in the city I was in was an expert in importing goods and was selling information on how to get into the business.

For a large fee, I signed up for his personal coaching and got resale rights on his manuals (if I recall – I had to buy them from him and could then sell direct).

The manual was mediocre – with some photocopied pages, some instructions on where to go to find exporters in the library – and how to make money selling the same manual.

His recommendation?


So I started placing ads in newspapers around the city I was in.

I quickly found that the smaller towns were MUCH great response than the larger.

More calls.

More orders.

I was on cloud nine.

I would take the call – take down their address – explain how COD (Charge on Delivery) went – and would mail them the book.

They would need to be home to pay for it once it arrived.

I got a whole bunch of ‘orders’!

Dozens of them to start – and the manual was ~ $79 or so.

Looking good, I thought.

Until I got back a TON of COD packages that were denied at the door by the so-called ‘customers’.

shameful attempt at information marketing


I quickly realized this COD thing was a bunch of bunk and I was pissing my money away having to pay for these packages to be mailed – but returned.

Fast forward 15 years.

I have been selling information products online for over a decade now.  No COD.  No 65% return rates.  No nonsense.

I have sold information products for weddings, pets, marketing, sales, lead generation, health, and a few other industries.

…and I love it.

Information marketing is an exceptional way to enhance your present business, or start a new one.

The market keeps getting bigger year after year with the internet.

People are reading more. Watching more videos.

Buyers are out there in droves when you know how to find them.

The point is two-fold:

* when you attempt something in marketing and fail – DON’T GIVE UP.  It doesn’t mean that marketing doesn’t work… it means THAT WAY of marketing didn’t work for YOU. It may have worked for others seamlessly… but not so for you. So pick yourself up and try a DIFFERENT way – or a different product.

* information marketing is an exceptional way to add cash flow into your life.  I do it through my business and love it! To a full time income and more in 90 days.  I have tested all kinds of on and offline marketing over the years. Some things worked for selling information – some were ‘learning experiences’.  The demand for information will ALWAYS be there and will constantly grow.

Find ways to build your knowledge of marketing online AND offline… and try different types of information products that enhance your present business or help you start a new business.

If you need a new income stream for 2013 –  get in touch with me at 403-259-4566 or sign up for the updates on


…NEVER give up.

There is always a way.

Only persistence and focus will help you uncover the path.

Have a great day.


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