Making the most of unexpected events in business

Is it January 14th – or April 14th?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, ESPECIALLY IN CALGARY TODAY!

Join me in this video as I share with you an easy way to turn the unexpected in business into some of your greatest assets.

Quick and easy 2 minute video…

As well, the Mother Nature Madness Special is right here for your gain.

Enjoy the weather :O)


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$97 for all of them – and amazing deal for getting your writing cranked up and your customer relationships at a new high.

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Have a great weekend and keep on writing!

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  1. Troy,
    Nice job rollin with it and doing what you were planning on doing anyway…going on a walk with your ‘associate.’ Too many people let circumstances control everything they do. Nice lesson too. I’m going to take a look at your offer.

    Stay in motion,
    Dana Houser

  2. Thanks Dana. I have found much of the time that the times I just get a camera out and start filming, or just start writing without a plan, can be my most productive times for getting stuff done that works. So I always have a note pad, and at a minimum a camera at my side, ideally a small video camera as well – like the Kodak Zi8 that I am now using. GREAT little machine! And if you didn’t catch it, I use the Xshot camera stick to hold the camera while walking. Great to hear from you. Troy

  3. Hey Troy,
    Great Video, especially since I am in Vancouver Canada and we rarely get snow and our Vancouver Canucks beat the Black Hawks last night….but really…not meaning to gloat 🙂
    My reason for the message is that I wanted to see more of your dog who looked like she was totally loving the snow! If we could live in the moment as our canine companions do we would be healthier, wealthier and a whole lot wiser!

  4. Hi Judie, Great to hear from you and Congrats on the win last night. I am for ya – gotta keep the Cup in Canada, eh?

    I have a whole article I wanted to write on the beauty and simplicity of running your life and business like a dog park. Friendly… lots of fun and exercise…tons of things to do, sniff, fetch and swim in. The odd show of ego here and there which is quickly over. Easy-peasy. Tons to be learned from our furry friends.

    My dog has quite the story as well – shared that and got him in a Rescue calendar before as well.

    Good to hear from you. Thanks for posting. Troy

  5. Malcolm Irvin says:

    Hi Troy,
    I have been following you for some time and you ALWAYS seem to have some sage advice on how to get the most from a small business and your ability to identify an opportunity.

    Your emails are one of the rare ones I will always open because of your consistent delivery of quality content. Living in the present is important on so many levels, including business.

    I own an Xi8 as well and can see how easy it was for you to whip it out and create something simple yet so effective. On that note, I’m going to take you up on your offer… I’m off to purchase your bundle and experience some of your products for the first time.

    Have a great day!

  6. Ann Stewart says:

    Troy….if we get that much snow over the next couple of days I’m blaming it on you and I’ll be sending “the spring ninja’s” after you because it will be your fault!!!!!

    Cute Hat!


  7. I like the idea of an evergreen video from 2011 being used again in 2015. Will we really get the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar?

  8. Thanks for the comment John. If you decide to pick up the bundle here – I will give you the 2015 version of the Cash Flow Calendar – about TWICE the ideas and marketing templates that the 2014 version had! Link is above to grab it and get a great resource as a bonus. Troy


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