Living and marketing with fear

Working my may through The 50th Law book by 50 Cent and Robert Greene.

The 50th Law Book by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

A must-read book for everyone who wants more from themselves and from life!

My second time through.

What an incredible book, jam packed with practical business advice and all-around life strategy tips!

The basis of the book is around fear.

Accepting that we all have fears.

Accepting that fear is a natural thing.

But denying fear’s ability to take over your thoughts and being.

Most people live in a state of fear.

They are fearful of: disease, disaster, financial ruin, loss, pain, adrenaline, harm, embarrassment, change, status quo, relationships, poor health, success, being the centre of attention, loneliness,  and the list could go on for pages!

Most people let those fears DOMINATE their thoughts and control their lives.

Which is why I love The 50th Law.

50 Cent has a story that you need to hear.

I am not a rap guy – but I am all about improving myself, my business, and my future.

This book covers it all.

50 Cent was riddled with 9 bullets from an upset ‘bad guy’… and had an epiphany that changed his life forever.

It will change yours too.

If you are in business, you need to be marketing.

And if you are marketing, you need to accept and embrace fear.

If you are doing things in your marketing and sales that make you uncomfortable… you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough.

And your marketing or sales efforts are undoubtedly sucking wind.

When your marketing and sales efforts keep you in a constant state of “butterflies in the stomach”, then you are doing the right things.

Controversial ideas for marketing campaigns.

Sales calls to those potential clients that you once deemed ‘uncrackable’.

PUSH yourself to feel the fear.

And make it a daily habit to do AT LEAST 2 things that stretch your comfort zone and expand you capacity to feel and work with fear.



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