Kick Ass 100 Club – Day #2

Hello to my fellow ass-kickers!

Glad everyone enjoyed day #1 – and some interesting things are starting to show.

Going through a program like this is not the easiest thing to do (especially if you’re honest with me and yourself throughout the process)..

Look at it this way…

As I stepped into competing at Worlds in Orland (2016), my mind was racked with doubts, questions, concerns, and fears.

I’d been training my ass off in Kickboxing and Muay Thai for the last 3 years at the Dojo I train at.  Prior to that I invested another 10 years at other schools).

I’d had 33 tournament fights.\
I’d fought massive guys (biggest was 6’8″ 290 lbs – I’m 5’8″ 200 lbs)
I’d fought lightening fast guys.
I spar 3-5 times a week with people of all levels of competency.

Yet, despite being more prepared now than EVER before, I’m freaked right out!

My mind is racing right now.

I doubt if I’ve trained enough.  I’m worried a nagging injury I have will rear its ugly head and cause my significant amounts of pain in my fights.

What if… is a question that is constantly in my mind.\


When the doubts come a knocking…I just picture myself having a perfect fight.  I see myself with my hand raised in victory. I see myself standing on the Podium with my hand raised, a Gold medal around my neck, and proud of representing my team and country well.

But I have doubts… JUST LIKE YOU.

Our mind is the most powerful and destructive tool we have.

It can make this Kick Ass 100 journey the best one you’ve ever taken…or be a complete waste of your time.

It’s 100% UP TO YOU.

A good friend and client of mine, Marilyn Jenett, is the master at mind control.  She has a best selling book with Penguin Publishing called Feel Free To Prosper

She teaches in the book and to her students to have a saying or mantra that you repeat whenever those nagging self-doubts pop into your head.

A big part of what she does is around prosperity thinking… as she calls it… “Having The Universe on Speed-Dial”.

The one saying she promotes is to repeat wealth/success every single time a negative money thought enters your mind.

It takes discipline to stay consistent with it – but the rewards are plentiful.


1) As many of you said that mindset and fears are a big challenge – I want you to create a simple saying that is the opposite of being negative.  So if your fears or negative self-talk is around money – repeat wealth success every time you think of something negative.  She even has her students write out positive affirmations 25 times a day on paper – it works like a charm.

Put those sayings on your computer and on 3×5 cards where you can see them.


2) What tv series, or movie genre would best define the last 12 months of your life? Has it been an adventure, a drama, a comedy? Is it like Seinfeld – a comedy about nothing? Or an action series like 24? Is that a recurring theme over the past few years?

If you could rewrite the next 12 months tv or movie script – how will it play out? What things do you need to do and how/what do you need to change?

Write it out.

3) Think about one or two extreme experiences/products/services you could try in the next week. Something that takes your breath away. Make it something feasible (if you live in the US, then visiting Dubai and Base jumping off a tower in the next week is probably not feasible – but you could sign up for a tandem ski-dive – or you could climb a rock wall with an instructor).

Come up with 2 out-of-the-box ideas you could feasibly do within the next week or two – then put a plan in place to MAKE it happen (and send it to me)

3) Write a fictional email to your list (real list or not) from the future – say 12 mths from now.  Tell them the key steps you took to overcome mental blocks over the last 12 months. Things you did. Experiences you had. Feelings you went through.  Put your heart and soul into that letter and get yourself immersed into the experience.

Explain how you started a new marketing initiative and it brought in 10,000 new paying clients (or whatever number suits your business).  The revenues it brought in. The sense of accomplishment. How your life changed.

See yourself 12 months from now living the life you want – and explain in intricate detail how you got there.

These are LOTS of mindset drills – but we all need them, and its the number one reason we don’t achieve our goals (by not facing our mindset challenges head on).

LAST, but not least…

Shake that body!

10 monkey jumps
30 jumping jacks
10 pushups
20 crunches
20 standing (or running)) high knees
10 monkey jumps

That’ll get the blood flowing!

You committed to me that you wanted change – and all of this is a step towards a wonderful 100 day run!

Please do these drills – and email me back your answers.


Have an ass-kicking day!


PS: Use your nervousness or fear as a competitive advantage. Everyone gets nervous about stepping out of their comfort zone.  Be thankful for your fear and use it as a sign you’re alive. Turn it on. Crank it up. Let your nerves work FOR you. I do this in my fights – and it definitely works.

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