I just got my butt kicked by a group of girls (marketing lessons galore!)

You may or may not know, I love my martial arts.  I am second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon do, and train actively 3-4 days a week in it.

This January, I decided to add more stuff to my workout schedule.

On top of my twice a day walk with the dog, I now am also mixing in kettle bell training with flow training.  Flow training is a fantastic program that Belinda and Colin with BeMoreFitness.com in Calgary put on.

Today was flow training.

No weights.  Just some high intensity interval training.

Holy crap!

Got my butt kicked by a bunch of girls.

I am sore enough from the flow training on Wed, now this?

You know what though?

As I was gasping for air this morning, I realized how similar this was to marketing.

We all get comfortable with things that are working for us.

In the fitness side – I was comfortable with doing my daily walks and regular martial arts training.

So I added in kettle bells and flow, and wowza (!!) what a difference.

I am sore, but damn it feels good and I can see the fat melting off wayyyyyy faster than if I had just stuck to what I was comfortable (comes in handy now, this whole dating thing is kinda new to me – been a looooong time!).

In marketing – it’s the same.

We get complacent doing things we are comfortable with.

We stick to things that we know.

Things that keep us in our comfort zone.

Even if they work – there are wayyyy better results that can be attained when you add in new things to your marketing mix.

Only doing Facebook?

Add in PPC.

Only doing PPC, add in SEO.

Only doing online, add in offline.

You will see dramatic results fast!

I see it in my fitness and I see it in my marketing.  I am testing, tweaking and refining ALL KINDS of things in my marketing beach bum business

(new video can be found here http://youtu.be/74l8oP0O69g)

The results have been great – and (best part) the results I am getting there apply to any and every kind of business out there.

But if I hadn’t spread my wings and tried new things – those results would NOT be there.

Make sense?

January is closing next week.

Are you rocking and rolling on your goals for the year?

Have you changed things up?

Are you adding in new things to your personal and marketing mix?

I challenge you to switch it up.

Results happen fast when you take massive action.

I am here to help… let me know how I can help you.

Have a great day!


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