Some gems from the man, the marketing legend… Drayton Bird

I’ve made far more mistakes that the average joe… or jolene.

Still make them.

Last week’s screwup was a doozy! (for another time)

And one of them became FAR too obvious today when I saw this
testimonial I’m going to share with you.

First, an admission…

I hate writing for myself.

Writing copy for your own products and services isn’t ‘simple’.

Personally, I find it easier to write for others, than myself.
I’ve always had more of a struggle doing it.

That said, I found the easiest way to overcome this is to treat
my projects as if they belonged to someone else.

A case of not knowing my true worth, not sharing it in my
copy…yet having a brand new customer lay it all out in front of

The amazing Drayton Bird is one of the greats in the advertising
and copy world.

He’s not only a very funny guy, he’s a genius in the direct
marketing world, and you need to be studying him!

His book Common Sense Direct and Digital Marketing is a MUST HAVE
resource for your library of moola-making guides.

David Ogilvy said of him “Drayton Bird knows more about direct
marketing than anyone in the world.”

Drayton was kind enough to send out some emails to his readers
about my 2017 Cash Flow Calendar and one of his readers, and now
a calendar buyer, said this…

“Drayton, I just had to write to today.

I came across Gerald’s sales letter about Troy White’s Cashflow
Calendar on Saturday morning completely by accident.

The most extraordinary thing happened after I’d read just the
‘Introduction’ file document.

Completely more than I ever could have asked for, this document
alone contains 30 pages of the most useful and impactful
knowledge and thought-invoking any right-thinking person today
could ever use.

And all in their most condensed form too.

I felt like I’d swallowed the red pill or the blue pill from the
movie ‘The Matrix’ (I don’t remember which as I haven’t seen that
film in years).

Glued to this document, I spent an entire Saturday morning and
afternoon inhaling every bit of just this one document.

I hadn’t even got to the calendar yet!

This condensed version of all the best marketing, mindset, and
brainstorming practical advice has been totally worth the money,
and left me whispering “Who IS this guy?”, the entire time to
myself …

I’m still not sure who this Troy guy is – But he is the
Bid-ness!!” ~ Brenda Tuite

The lesson for you (and me)?

Do EVERYTHING in your power to find your true value in the
marketplace. Ask more people. Good feedback. Bad feedback.
It’s ALL good feedback.

Here’s a case where just my introduction document is a 30 page
guide to better marketing, and worth as much or more than the
main product being sold!

In other words… the bonus is worth more than the main product but
I wasn’t even recognizing it!

When you write your own copy, you need to think through every
deliverable and value-add piece you give them. Then sell EACH
and EVERY piece of the bundle!

I screwed up on the 2017 Cash Flow Calendar letter!

I didn’t even give the intro document a mention.

Meanwhile, it’s a valuable asset and stand-alone product all in


What about you?

Are you underestimating your products value?

You need to ask more people for their feedback… and you need to
SHARE the accolades you get.

A simple way to get more accolades and buyers?

The 2017 Cash Flow Calendar, OF COURSE =>


PS: A few goodies from and about Drayton

1) The secret of charm in your copy…

“You may not know who Troy is – so I will tell you. He is one of
the best copywriters around. He interviewed me recently and asked
me how I manage to write “charming” copy.” Drayton Bird

2) My interview with Drayton (mp3 download)…

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