Wacky marketing ideas: Wine drinking cows & pot smoking pigs

I absolutely LOVE off-the-wall marketing ideas!

They grab attention (and publicity), and can make entrepreneurs
a nice surge in cash flow…

…much like the tools inside the 2018 Cash Flow Calendar!

First off-the-wall ideas…

…a pig farmer/butcher in Seattle.

He gets a good old whiff of a new trend in Washington and
Colorado (the legalization of marijuana), and has a lightbulb

Why not combine his pigs – with some pot!

All these medicinal marijuana growers have a problem – wasted
product that they need to dispose of.

The butcher has a problem too – he needs something, anything, to
different his pork product from all the others out there.

Pot + Pigs = ** Marijuana-infused prosciutto **

Yaba dooby dooo!

His “Pot Pigs” are sold through his Pike Place Butcher shop (BB
Ranch) and have become a delicacy and are a redder and more
savoury meat than non-stoned pigs.

It’s important to note that before he stumbled upon the
spliff-smoking swines hook, he fed his pigs Vodka as a way to
differentiate himself and to flavor the meat with a heavy dose of
awesome marketing.

I’m starting to think these porkers have a pretty good lifestyle…
up until the butchering part, that is!

After putting some “weed to his feed”, he then does what any
great marketer does – he creates the world’s first Pot Pig Gig –
an annual pot-infused pig bbq event.


It REEKS of a great story – leverages some fantastic marketing
ideas, and has lessons ANYONE can use.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

(note: if you want an inside path to the world of legal cannabis
– hit reply and let me know.  There’s some amazing things going on
right now in Canada and the US – and making some money inside this
fast-growing industry is a good idea.

Forbes even said the growth here will be similar to Crypto in 2018!

Hit reply and lets chat).

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Second wacky example…

Wasted cattle and the power of a good Merlot~!

I’ve written a couple times about this idea too.

Similar to our fried pigs, these cows are drunk!

Janice Ravndahl of Sezmu Meats stumbled on this idea while
watching chef Gordon Ramsey feed beer to pigs on his show, The F

She noted that Ramsay often fed beer to the pigs (damn these
livestock are living it up!), and she decided a good merlot mixed
with some quality beef (live beef that is) would be a winner.

And she was right!

Not only do her customers LOVE the taste of the beef, the cows
get quite happy about it too…

“But once they have it, they’re happy to have it again. They moo
at one another a little more and seem more relaxed. There are a
few that lap it up out of the pail. After they’ve had it for a
while, when they see us coming with the pitchers, they don’t run,
but they come faster than usual.”

Such an unusual combination makes for some exceptional story
telling and marketing ideas!

The $100 hot dogs from yesterday were infused with $3,000 a
bottle cognac.

The pigs are fed medicinal marijuana.

And the cows are all tipsy from their litre a day (!) of quality


Come back as a farm animal in the next life?


The lesson truly is, MAKE your marketing and products


Find ways to combine products (the more unrelated they are – the
more interesting the story is).

Tell the story on why you WANT to be different in a very me-too

Up the ante!

Those $100 hot dogs that sold out in a day – are going to be $200
hot dogs next, the owner says (with special ingredients to be

Don’t try and compete on price – create a new category or an
entirely NEW and INNOVATIVE bundle never before seen in your

Here’s a WICKED WAY to do that… (on a discount for 7 more days)

And my final point – get promoting yourself and your business.

Be proactive about it – crank up the volume in the Christmas break
(while most slack off).

Milk every opportunity you get to grab attention and build
your business.

Be safe, of course, but don’t be shy!

Troy White

The Ultimate Wacky marketing idea BIBLE


My recent cave-dwellings and marketing wins (and Cash Flow Calendar is out)

Yup, I disappeared on you…

For the last far-too-many-months, I’ve been head down working inside a business and industry I love. Not only that, I’ve fought 36 battles in Muay Thai this year at tournaments, Nationals, and Worlds. Not bad for a 49 year-old geezer.

Oh ya… and getting the 2018 Cash Flow Calendar ramped up with hundreds of new marketing tools (more on this later).

But you’re here to talk marketing, and I have been busy testing out new strategies and techniques to boost leads and sales for me and my clients.

I’ve had some solid wins… and some dismal disasters… but I learned something from each and every one of them.

Offline strategies that reaped huge rewards.

Online techniques that racked up the sales and brought in record numbers of new clients.

Most of these are inside a non-internet marketing industry.

Which has been nice!

I’ll be sharing some of my wins (and losses) with you in the next few newsletters.

One of my STUPIDEST losses?

My cashflowcalendars domain!


Stupid me, after 10 years of producing the cash flow calendar, I totally missed the boat and didn’t notice I let the domain lapse… and get snapped up by some smart entrepreneur.

My own fault… their gain.

But, it was just the domain, and I still own, and have completely outdone myself in 2018 making it even better!


look no further!

The 2018 Ultimate Cash Flow Calendar is hot off the press and just waiting to put sales in your bank account.

Not only that, I’m offering a pre-launch discount for a few days.

The tools in here recently put a very solid 5-figure bankroll inside a business that wanted something unique to use in their marketing… and this delivered exactly what they wanted… cash flow!

So grab a copy today and let’s get those pre-Christmas campaigns making more moola.

Thanks, Troy White


Inside the twisted and demented mind of a marketer/copywriter

First off, Happy Black Friday shopping today!demented

If you missed my Black Friday 50% off pre-launch sale on the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar, grab it here =:>

That calendar is 9 years in the works, and just keeps on getting better. Grab your spot and some exciting things are coming this year for those in the group.
14 years ago, when I left the corporate sales world, I was desperately seeking out some creative outlets.

Which is where I stumbled on copywriting.

I think it was a Dan Kennedy book I found at the library, that started me down the path (that – and my dads long-copy reprimand letters I used to get as a teenage trouble-maker – funny stories for another time next week).

I dug deep – studied – wrote – absorbed – and failed lots (still do – but that’s what you need to do to find the successes!).

One thing I became was an avid note taker.

Notes everywhere.

Lo and behold…

…I just found a box of random ‘drive-by’ thoughts.

Some very odd ones – some very soon-to-be-profitable ones.

A few examples:

* 17 ways PT Barnum used wacky ideas from the newspaper to get massive (and free) media attention…

* Broken nose blunders and the story of Rick Fowler…

* The subculture of the introverted parents of girl guides (how we all hid in our cars, rather than forcing ourselves to talk to the other parents)…

* Fabulous ways to make people ‘think’ they are making progress…when they clearly aren’t (I used to leave my cave and travel a lot – always laughed at the long windey lineups at customs that never seemed to work)

* How to turn marketing bashfulness into marketing pride…

* The reason I turned grey in a single weekend (and the profitable lessons learned while aging on a supercharger)

* Quintessentially Canadian and frost-white dingo-balls on my toque (if you don’t know what a toque is… look it up – a Canadian term for “its too friggin cold out!”…

* Gene Simmons mastery and 14 ways he leveraged one business to build his others

* 8 ways the genius copywriter Clayton Makepeace creates such killer sales copy (and makes millions for his clients every WEEK)…

* 9 ways to be a ZENpreneur…

* Paranormal X-ray vision of a 5 year old…

* Marketing lessons of the Rain Forest Cafe and a passionate cult following of buyers…

* The hamster/buffalo race-off and how to milk the media for everything they got…


A few not-so-nice ones I must have written while in a bad mood (or after a few too many libations maybe):

* Makeup won’t cover up the bitch…

* He did it in a dumpster?

* Do something different for a change…be a fricking decent parent for once!

* “Honey, I sold the Christmas tree”

* Don’t tell the wife – the girl I slept with in my teens – turned into a hot lesbian bank robber…

* We got roofied in mexico…

* Don’t be so special, you can do something motherly for christ sake…

* S*****…your ex-wife is breaking into your house. She looks perplexed…

* I draw the line at canabilism…

There’s a lot more I won’t share here.

Some were just stupid.

Some were highly intuitive into business ideas and marketing opportunities that were soon to come.

LOTS were fantastic ideas for content.

What’s the point?

If you are trying to grow a business, you need to always be on the lookout for marketing opportunities.


Most blindly go about life with their nose buried in a texting device…a select few see what’s going on around them and make some great profits by entertaining and educating their clients.

This one single box of notes I found – is worth tens of thousands to me.

It could be for you too!

Join the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar group – and I am setting up a private Facebook group where we reveal real-time marketing ideas. I will also be sharing the actionable ideas from this box inside the group too…

Need an idea for a blog post or email today?

Fire up Facebook – open the 2016 Cash Flow Calendar – and yabadabado – you are ready to roll.

This years edition of the calendar could make you a mint – and keep your clients always wanting more.

Using one idea from the calendar helped an office supply company (selling post its for a buck!) make a HUGE dent in the local market.


One idea – one print newsletter – one column from the office-dog, Roxy.


With just ONE idea from

Grab yours now – 50% off!

And keep those random, drive-by, wacky ideas…they could be very profitable for you one day.

Happy shopping,

Troy White



One simple idea from the Cash Flow Calendar… $2 BILLION in Sales?

First off, I am not claiming he stole this idea from my 2015 Cash Flow Calendar…

Steal my ideas and make yourself a bundle!

Steal my ideas and make yourself a bundle!

…but YOU CAN!

You may or may not have heard about Jack Ma and his incredible success story of Alibaba.

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in China.

And they use SIMPLE marketing ideas that I preach in the Cash Flow Calendar.

Their BEST and most RECENT?

A holiday they *invented*.

It didn’t exist before – but they created it and called it their own.

How’d it work?

$2 Billion (with a big B) in 1 hour!

$8 Billion in 24 hours!

With a 100% made-up holiday!

“Singles Day” was invented in the 90s as a response to Valentines Day…

…and now lays claim to “one of the most successful – and lucrative – *manufactured* holidays in history”.

There’s a great marketing lesson here.


Start creating your own rules.

Start crafting your own holidays (which I preach and teach here – covers the balance of 2014 and all of 2015).

START wrapping your custom-manufactured holidays around persistent and profitable marketing campaigns.

It’s a very simple formula that doesn’t need anything other than some initiative, come creativity, and some guidance (which I give you in this step-by-step playbook

Honestly, if you invest the minuscule amount I charge for the Calendar, and can’t honestly make $5k, or even $50k from it…you aren’t following the simple steps properly!

Jack Ma used ONE IDEA and ONE HOLIDAY (that he created out of thin air)… and made $8 billion in sales!

Not saying you can do that …

… but you sure as hell can make a few grand extra a month with it.

I even guarantee it!

Have a profitable day and week ahead.



National Crab Meat Day and a FREE 2015 Cash Flow Calendar upgrade for you…

3 MONTHS LEFT in the year!

2014 flew by in a flash… but 3 months can make you a boatload of bucks.

Here’s an offer to help.

As you may know, I produce the annual Cash Flow Calendar, and have
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crabWell over 1200 marketing ideas, copy and paste promotions, and bizarre
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In honor of National Crab Meat Newburg Day (and my 46th birthday last week),
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I had an unusual experience in the past couple weeks.

Old school experience.

I actually (gasp) picked up the phone and CALLED people out of the blue.

People who bought my products before.

People who I met at events before.

The reaction?


Very few people do that anymore – so everyone I spoke to LOVED IT.

Which made me think it’s time to do something different.

Something MORE for you, and for my existing clients.

Which is why I’m giving you the 2015 version free when you invest in
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PS: If you didn’t see this short webinar I did a couple weeks
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Flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants as a business strategy? (plus – scum bag alert)

Christmas has flown by – New Years is just hours away – and I’ve already shut down a scammer!noscumbags

Thankfully, a good friend and business associate noticed that some scum bag decided it was perfectly ok to steal my website, steal my copy, and sell my 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar for his own personal gain!

Wish he was in Calgary where I live… but I had to resort to cyber beatings to get him shut down.

I did.

Paypal notified.
Webhost notified.
Cease and desist letter sent.

Voila – scum bag goes away… for now.

One of the challenges with the digital age is this happens more often than you’d know.

One of the advantages of the digital age is it’d easier than every to track them down and shut ‘em down.

My point: if you EVERY see the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar for sale by someone else that is not an affiliate or friend of mine – or at a discount – it’s an illegal copy.

THIS is the place to get your legitimate copy and marketing plan for 2014…

Not only that, I am getting geared up to make 2014 your best year ever with the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar at your side.

My friend, and fellow Canadian A-Level Copywriter, Daniel Levis said:

“I usually don’t promote products or programs at the $97
price point.

Firstly because most of them are downright awful and a
complete waste of time…

And second because you have to sell a shitload of them
to make any money.  Just not worth the time and effort.

This recommendation isn’t about the money.

It’s about helping you NOT HAVE TO WING IT next year!

And mostly because Troy’s 2014 Cash Flow Calendar,

It gets my highest recommendation.

Look, let me be frank.

Troy should be selling this FANTASTIC idea generating,
MASSIVE time saving marketing tool for a few hundred
dollars more than he is…

It’s THAT good. ”

My point?

One of the best in the business promoted the Calendar to his list, not because of the money it makes HIM… but for the money it makes THOSE WHO INVEST IN IT!

That’s a vote of confidence.

Get your 2014 Marketing Plan in place now and start building new income streams for the new year

Complete with solid, immediately usable marketing ideas…

…templates you can use to ease writers block

…more memorable promotions

…leveraging more stories (proven to sell 158% more than other forms of selling)

…and it’s less than $100!
(Daniel said himself I should be selling it for $297 or higher – you should grab it now – before I take his advice).

PLUS – a last-minute year end tax write-off.

I use it for my clients, for my different businesses, and for my promotional campaigns that run throughout the year.

Pretty simple and inexpensive investment for anyone SERIOUS about marketing more often, with better results this year!


PS: I am hosting a 2014 Kickoff Conference Call Monday January 6th for all 2014 Cash Flow Calendar owners.

Grab yours now and you will get the details for the action call at the end of this week.


2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan