4 frostbitten fingers and my sweaty escape from a nasty Christmas Eve

Coulda been an ugly turnout…

…luckily it just cost me some frost bite (4 finger tips still have no feeling, making it quite ‘different’ to type on the computer )

December 24th, me and a couple other guys went out snowmobiling in Montana. I hadn’t been on one in many years, but the other two had some experience. More than me for sure.

Freaky fast snowmobiles!snowmobiling

We rented brand new Polaris 800 Pro RMKs. One guy had his own.

We were having a blast and enjoying the fresh powder, with a few beautiful groomed trails mixed in. A couple small frozen lakes made for some fun times too.

Then they decide to go down this one hill without trails, and with some very steep terrain…

Oh oh.

Next thing you know, all 3 sleds are stuck in incredibly deep snow (I stepped near a tree well and went chin deep in the snow!).

Over 2 hours of digging these out, and trying to find a way to get out of the mess we were in (only was was back up the hill, the very steep hill).

We had to watch the time as darkness and cold were both fast approaching.snowmobiling

After some pretty intense digging and trying, we got 2 of the 3 snowmobiles out.

Right in the nick of time.

We can leave the one and come back later to get it out in daylight.

Dusk is settling and the temperature dropping.

35 miles to go!

I was soaked with sweat under my jack and snow pants.snowmobiling

My gloves were drenched.

It was the coldest, longest drive I have ever experienced… but we made it.

Some fingers got frostbite but we all were safe.

Frostbite is not all that uncommon when you live where I do and you enjoy the out doors.

It happens rarely, but it happens (walking my dog at the dog park has cost me a few frozen spots on the cheeks :).

If we didn’t get the snowmobiles out, we had 35 miles to get back. We could have camped with what little supplies we had. We could have walked as far as possible. We most likely would have found a spot with cell coverage, as there was a spot a few miles back.

It could have been ugly.

It wasn’t.

I had a great adventure and saw some beautiful country.

2 days later, I was downhill skiing in Whitefish and loving it.troy white skiiing

Fantastic times with family.

I hope you had a great Christmas and holiday.

And I wish you all the best for 2013.


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