3 million books sold with this simple strategy, anyone can copy (in any industry)

Sometimes the best and most innovative ideas are from off-the-wall places.

I’m running a test campaign right now for a business of mine.

Using the same principle you’ll see in this free gift below, I was able to find a GOLDMINE for lead generation.

The concept of taking your product or service, and micro-niching the marketing of it, is quite simple.

Scary for most.

Unfathomable for some.

The Best of Bridge Founders (click image to grab the Best of Bridge pdf)

The Best of Bridge Founders (click image to grab the Best of Bridge pdf)

But quite simple to implement – and profit from.

One product can be marketed to multiple micro-niches with very little extra work.

But the target customer thinks you are a genius, and talking JUST TO THEM.

Which is the goal of ALL your marketing anyhow, right?

(NOTE: If you are looking for a full or part time income stream this year – using this exact same strategy – get in touch with me would you? I have the plan, the formula, the training and the products. Just need YOU!)
Ok, I found a little gem on an old hard drive.

The extraordinary tale of some women, some wine, some card games… and a BRILLIANT business/marketing idea.
I actually did this interview 12 years ago when first starting this business.

The lady I interviewed cashed in on this idea – and they all lived very healthy and prosperous lives thanks to this strategy.

If you’ve heard of The Best of Bridge Cookbooks – you’ve probably never heard the back story on how they sold 3 million copies! It’s probably much more than that since this interview, but the important thing for YOU AND I – is to take the advice in this interview to heart – and to use it in alllll of our businesses.

Here it is – enjoy http://blog.smallbusinesscopywriter.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/BestofBridge.pdf

If you need help leveraging this kind of success story into your own business, OR want help starting a new business venture, let me know.

For 13 years now, I’ve helped entrepreneurs from around the world start, build, and sell businesses.

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I also have a proven business you can start part time or full time, working from your home.

I am here to help you – coach you – and make your success a reality.

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Thanks again!

Everything here can be used in your own life to create the business you want, the lifestyle you desire, and the income you deserve!

And it all starts with a quick email or phone call.

Turning your words into wealth,

Troy White


14 quick and dirty lessons I learned in 2014

Zoom… another year gone by.mud

And a brand NEW year right in front of us.

With all the resolutions being made (and already broken by many), it’s a busy time for most.

Setting goals for the year is important, and they should be NEW goals based on PAST failures and successes.


Here’s my top 14 lessons for 2014:

1) Never too old to start new and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

In 2014, I did something I should have done 20 years earlier… compete in Martial Arts.

I’d done Kickboxing and Muay Thai in my 20s and LOVED IT. But I listened to others and avoided competing.

Fast forward 20 years, I got back into Kickboxing and Muay Thai – and IGNORED the bs out there – and DID IT. Yes, I am usually the oldest, by far, in the tournaments, but boy-oh-boy do I love it!

You are never too old to start over.


2) Learn from your weaknesses – before they cripple you.

In my 19th tournament fight in 2014, I battled my demon. I’ve battled some big tough guys this past year (biggest was 6’8” 290 pounds!) but the one November 22 was my toughest.

The guy was awesome at leg kicks (in Muay Thai you kick with your shin – and an ideal target is your opponents thighs – enough leg kicks and you can’t walk, let alone fight!)

Needless to say – it wasn’t a strength of mine – nor was the blocking of said leg kicks – DOH!

After a beating on my left leg was given, it got worn down, and one solid kick was all it took to bend the leg at the knee inwards, tearing my MCL ligament.

Fast forward 6 weeks later – I am back kicking bags and training – and am DETERMINED to master the leg kick and defence!
Weakness #2: Social Media Mishaps.

I’ve never been a huge fan of social media.

But, it’s a weakness and I started working on it in 2014. Little by little I am getting better results and more comfortable with it.

I still believe there are other options that give you better return for the same amount of time invested, but have multiple streams of marketing initiatives is a GOOD thing!


3) Test all kinds of marketing – ESPECIALLY the ones you think aren’t ‘for you’.

As I mentioned, social media is one I wasn’t too keen on – but I have warmed up to it and see where it is a fit.

I also see far too many people ignoring other marketing assets they have at their disposal.

They have blinders on – and they put everything into social media only.

Ignoring the results – and focusing on the shiny promises being pitched online.

It costs them huge!

Another type of product/business I thought ‘wasn’t for me’ turned out to be a MAJOR win for my health and my wealth this past year.


Because I ignored my ego – educated myself on what DID work for others – and modelled that. Reaping the rewards the whole way.


4) Content is still king… 12 years later!

I spoke with a guy in South Africa late in ’14 and asked him where he heard of me.

I was in awe as he told me about a search he did in Google for a specific thing (related to a very prominent marketing guru that you would know of)…and my name/site was #3 on Google for that search!

From an article I wrote… 12 years ago :)

That is the power of solid content!


5) Watch and learn from others – especially from others in completely unrelated businesses and industries!

As you probably know, I’ve been advocating the use of story-based marketing for many years now (before it was the ‘in’ thing to talk about.

I LOVE storytelling in business.

It’s easy to do (http://www.storysellingtips.com for a kickstart to your skills) – and it gets results!

And I developed my passion for stories in business from 2 brothers who sold LOBSTERS!

They had a unique way of using stories – and built a million dollar business in less than a year.

It worked for them – and it works in ally kinds of business.

It’ll work in yours too – if you use it!


6) Know your limits – and choose to stretch them – or back down from them.gettingpunched

Back to martial arts training. There was a young guy that came to the Dojo and was serious about training, and sparring.

He pushed me – made me stronger – and really took my training to a different level.

But he also hurt me.

He was quite a bit younger than me – and heals way faster than I did.

I bruised some ribs and my sternum.

To him – it was nothing.

To an older fart like me, it was a game-changer.

He wanted to go to the next level – full power body kicks without blocking (to condition yourself to take the hits).

I said no.

Too far for my liking in sparring – end of our training together.

Last I heard, he stopped fighting so he could ‘meditate 3 hours a day’.



7) Change is a GREAT thing.

I love change – thrive on change – and know that forcing change is the only way to improve yourself and your game.

I changed LOTS of things up in my personal and my business life.

And love it!

Force change where you need it – even where you don’t.

But if something IS working well for you – STICK with it!


8) Self employed life and a lifestyle-based business ROCKS.

After 13 years in this business, I’ve had my ups and my downs.

But I LOVE working for myself, from home.

Tried renting an office – hated it.

Tried working out of client sites – hated it even more.

I love working from home – on my own schedule – at my own pace – when I choose to work.

I’ve developed multiple income streams doing this (drop me a note if you want to know how to UP your income and lifestyle this year).

Nothing beats being your own boss in my opinion.


9) Pick up the darned phone!

Such an underused tool these days.

Email – text – Skype messaging and Facebook messaging.

They are easy – but no where near as impactful as picking up the phone and saying HI.

I am using the phone 10 times more than I used too – and love the results.

So will you.


10) Partnerships are tricky – especially when you ignore your intuition or gut feeling!

Tried two of them this past year on projects – and they are tough.

The first one I ignored my intuition and dove it.

It bit me in the ass and cost me far too much time and money.

The second one I listened to my intuition immediately – and saved myself a ton of time and money.

Lesson learned.
11) Get uncomfortable – far more often!

One of the downsides of being self employed from home – is that you rarely LEAVE the house!

So you get comfortable being comfortable.

And that is costly.

I now push myself to do things, go places, and meet people that make me uncomfortable.

It stretches me – and gives me a real rush (not as much of a rush as sparring does – but close ;)


12) Put a plan in place and STICK TO IT

I released my 8th year of the Cash Flow Calendar http://www.cashflowcalendars.com – and it is a BEAST!

Every year I add to this beauty and it just on getting bigger and better.

The best part?

The results!

$11,000 from a simple 3-step email campaign.

Six-figures-a-month businesses launched with the calendar and a plan of attack (one of my clients did this in 18 months from scratch!)

It’s easy to plan – but sticking with it is what makes or breaks your year!


13) Go back to what worked before.

I used to love doing webinars, and live events. Did them for years – and it all came to an end (live events for sure) in 2008. My Wild West Wealth Summit wrapped up its second year, and I was toast. Burnt out and wanted out.

So I stopped doing live events.

Despite requests for it – I have yet to do another one.

I LOVE webinars and tele seminars though – and am stepping up my game this year to bring more solid content to you through this format.

As for live events, we will wait and see ;)


14) Use a product launch mentality for your life!

Each week is a launch – each day is a launch.

Get excited about massive action and implementation – and write/speak/video tape when you are in your most excited moments!

You have before you a brand new sparking year.

You can choose to repeat last year – or improve on last year.

If you want better health – DO SOMETHING about it!

If you want more money in your life – DO SOMETHING about it!

Whatever you want is there for you to grab – but holding back won’t do squat for your year.

If you want help with health, wealth, or just making this year more fun and comfort-stretching, call me at 403-470-7756 or email me at troy@smallbusinesscopywriter.com

Let’s chat – and put together a plan for 2015.

So excited about this year – hope you are too!



My torn knee ligament and the valuable business lessons it taught

3 weeks ago I entered a Muay Thai/Kickboxing Tournament.

I knew it would be a tough one… and that it was.

As soon as I walked in, I saw the 6’8” 290 behemoth I fought in the spring of 2014.

“Crap!” was the first thought entering my mind…

…relief was the second when I realized he was’t competing.

He recognized me and we had a great chat – amazingly nice guy – and oh-my-$%&ing-god was he big!

Seemed bigger now, than the fight I had against him in the finals.

As the competition strolled in, I saw another guy I recognized…a guy I watched fight a few months prior that won the heavyweight division.

I realized he and I would undoubtedly be fighting each other – so I racked my brain trying to remember his fighting style, strengths, and weaknesses.

<crickets> – not a thing I could remember other than him winning.

Ya – I remembered he was tough – and he won all the fights he was in when I was watching….

….now I got to find out why he won.

Tournaments are tough to watch if your fight is one of the last (heavyweights usually are the last up in the tournaments I’ve fought in).

The nerves get all wracked up – the stomach gets turning – and the mind get’s busy overthinking everything.

By the time the heavyweights were up, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to fight – or flee :)

Never flee’d yet – so not starting now!

This guy I saw earlier and I were up first….

…his first front kick came out of no where and sent me flying backwards about 3 feet.


Focus – and bear down.

That we did for 2 x 90 second rounds.

Somewhere in there, I took a really hard kick to my left leg, just above the knee.

Something happened – and it wasn’t good.

Thankfully, adrenaline kills pain and the fight continued – but I knew my knee was injured – or something was.

Fight ended – decision to him (rightfully so – he was a great fighter, and tough as hell).

I made him wince a few times so I inflicted my own damage – but he out battled me.

By this time my knee is definitely throbbing and something wasn’t right…

…but, what the hell, I decided to do a second fight with another young, tall guy (that’s the worst thing about the heavyweight division – I am usually way shorter than my competitors, and these days, 20 pounds lighter – I am now in the low end of the heavy weights – but not quite there yet to drop down a division).

Adrenaline took over and I did my best with one buggered up leg.

Another loss.

NOT a good day for me.

By that night, I couldn’t walk.

But, it could just be sore I thought.

So I do what I do best – avoid a doctor - for a week!

Finally, enough is enough and I get in to the Sports Knee Injury Clinic and confirm that I tore my MCL in the knee. Not bad enough to need surgery – but bad enough to take 4-6 weeks to heal.knee

When you’re used to working out 6+ times a week – going to nothing is painful! So was my knee though.

I lasted a week and a half, and started some real simple workouts, without any kicking or knees.

Still have some healing to do, but I am back on track and every day it feels a little better.



Couple lessons I learned from this that have impacted my business, and may help you too.

1) Know your strengths and enhance them! These 2 fights were the best work I’ve done yet with my boxing skills. I’ve been working on boxing, alongside the kicking part, and I am much better now than I was. I landed some great body shots and inflicted some damage with them.

Considering boxing isn’t trained nearly as hard as the kicks with most guys in these tournaments – THIS is something I aim to have as one of my greatest assets!

If I can out punch them by 3:1 (or more) – I can win the fights. (there’s a female Muay Thai fighter I follow that’s had 100 fights in Thailand in the past 18 months – she KNOWS her best skill is her use of knees – and she wins 80% of her fights… with knees! Not-so-secret lesson there)

So I know my best asset right now and am working hard at honing those skills.

If yours is social media in business – be a world class expert at it.

Copywriting – write, write, write.

Storytelling – perfect your craft (this’ll help => http://www.storysellingtips.com)

Wacky promotions – get prolific with them (this’ll help => http://www.cashflowcalendars.com)

Whatever your best asset is – milk it for everything it’s worth.


2) Know your weaknesses and work on them too! I have not spent enough time practicing ‘leg checks’ – which would have saved my knee if I had. My competitor comes from a school that specializes in leg kicks – their philosophy is (rightfully so) – if your competition can’t walk because of your leg kicks, they can’t continue fighting – and they are right!

I loved how he came out of the starting blocks with a hard front kick that sent me flying – that is a GREAT way to start a fight – one I will be working on and improving.

I will also work extremely hard on my leg checks so I don’t hurt my damn knee again!

I know my weaknesses and the damage that gets done if I don’t fix them.

Do you?

Every single one of us has strengths – and weaknesses.

Some of us won’t admit it.

Some of us will.

Those of us who really want to make 2015 our BEST YEAR YET – are the ones who are open to honesty about our weaknesses – and are just as open to praise about our strengths.

Find your strengths – and hone them until they are permanently engrained in your mind and muscle-memory.

Then work on them more.

Know your weaknesses – and either admit they will be your weakness (not interested in fixing them) – knowing full well your weakness – is another’s strength. Or you can FIX your weaknesses and turn them into something your competitors will have to really work at to beat you at.

It’s been a painful few weeks with my weakness.

But, I am working on healing, and am programming my body and mind to turn that weakness into a newfound strength.

You should too!

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a VERY prosperous new year!

If there’s any way I can help, let me know. If you need new marketing systems and products to sell (or are just looking for a new direction in your life, just hit reply right now and let’s chat!

Chow for now.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Wacky Wednesday and Psychedelic Thursdays (tips for marketing with flair)

Yup – mayhem is among us.

Between the riots in the streets and the black Friday specials casting shadows all over your inbox, craziness is the theme of the day.

It’s also an important lesson here for the astute marketers and entrepreneurs in the crowd.

NOW is the time to up your game.

NOW is the time to start standing out from the clutter.

NOW is the time for YOU to get the 2014/15 Cash Flow Calendar http://www.cashflowcalendars.com
People LOVE creativity.

When I was a young’un, there was Psychedelic Thursdays at the hot spot, Malarkeys… of course, every Thursday night.

Lights were down and dark, the atmosphere was ‘high’ and the bar was always PACKED.

It was the place to be.

Get this…



No one gave them permission.

They used their creativity and milked it… and cashed in EVERY WEEK.

Much like Alibaba did with their “singles day”.

How’d it work?

$2 Billion (with a big B) in 1 hour!

$8 Billion in 24 hours!

With a 100% made-up holiday!
So, while everyone and their dirty dog does a Black Friday, I think it’s time YOU step up to the plate and invent a wacky Wednesday, or a Psychedelic Thursday.

Or create a holiday YOU WANT.

You don’t need anyone’s permission. Just your effort.

And the Cash Flow Calendar guidebook and blueprint sure won’t hurt ya either!

Enjoy the holidays (if you’re in the US), and cash in on those wacky holidays, would ya?


PS: I’ll also throw in a special PSYCHO SATURDAY SPECIAL…psycho

Order the calendar before Saturday at 11:59 pm EST and I’ll throw in an audio recording that personally cost me $7,000 to get! Someone I hired gave a talk at a seminar I held, charged me $7k, and you get this golden nugget for FREE! (yes – if you’ve already got the calendar – you’ll get this too). http://www.cashflowcalendars.com


Replay of webinar: free web traffic and stealth lead generator

This past week, I introduced a long-time friend and business associate, Hugh Tafel, to you on a webinar.

You may have missed the call (we held it in the afternoon).

If you do, I HIGHLY suggest you listen to it.

Not only does Hugh share some simple strategies you can use to get more web traffic…
and quality better web traffic…he also shows you what the majority of online web surfers
do when looking for a product or service like yours…

[No optin required]

Hugh shared the one thing over 50% of your potential buyers will do BEFORE buying
from you, and what they might be surprised to find (something that’ll cost you the sale,
and lose you the customer).

With the biggest online shopping season right in front of us, this is a call that you
need to listen to.


PS: Combine Hugh’s strategies with the 2014/15 Cash Flow Calendar
http://www.cashflowcalendars.com and you have a system that’ll
position your business for rapid growth in the coming months!



How one company turned a massive snow storm into a cash cow

Being a Canadian, snow storms are commonplace for us. Not saying we enjoy them, but we are used to them.snow-storm

That said, even us Canuckleheads are shocked at the snow storms raging across parts of the US.

I mean – 5 flipping FEET of snow in a day?


Hopefully you are safe and sound, if you are anywhere near one of the big snow dumps.

I wanted to share a quick lesson with you though, that you can possibly use in your marketing.

Many moons ago, after one of our snow storms in Calgary, I saw an oh-so-awesome half page ad in the newspaper.

It looked like a hand written letter…

…and it began:

“Dear Mother Nature… ENOUGH is ENOUGH… your reservation has been cancelled.”

The letter was from a restaurant and they went on about how their Annual Mothers Day Brunch had to be cancelled thanks to a huge dump of unexpected snow.

It went on explaining how they cancelled mother natures reservation for for brunch, and gave her spot to someone “more worthy”.

Very funny…

…and VERY effective.

A sell-out.

Of course, being a copywriter and marketer, I took their idea and modified it to suit my own needs.

You may have even seen this from me in the past…

Mother Nature Madness Specials

Mother Nature Mayhem Bundles

EACH ONE of them worked.


…my point is

…it WILL work for you.

Snow dumps.

Rain dumps.

Heat waves.

Wind gusts.

All of them would work.

The best part?

I give you the entire letter campaign to STEAL from me in the 2014/15 Cash Flow Calendar http://www.cashflowcalendars.com

Literally, copy, paste, and insert your special offer.


And profitable… I guarantee it!

The piddly little investment I ask for in the calendar will be returned many times over if you make this a 2 or 3 step campaign.

It’ll work in email.

Print mail.



Linked In.

Pinterest or Instagram.

Video is a GREAT addition.

Grab this now – http://www.cashflowcalendars.com – then copy and paste the Mother Nature campaigns (pages 5, 6, and 95 of the Swipe file toolkit).

Send it out.

Then over the next few days send out steps 2 and 3.

Then tell me what happens ;)

I’m willing to bet you get a 500% return MINIMUM on your investment in the calendar.

It’s timely right now – you can donate a portion of the proceeds to help those in need from the storms.

500% return in a few days is a REALLLLL good side benefit me thinks…


Grab it and get marketing!

NOW is the time to do it.

PS: Here’s a simple video I did years ago that worked really well http://blog.smallbusinesscopywriter.com/making-the-most-of-unexpected-events-in-business/