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If you’ve been on my list for any amount of time you know a few things:

* I love martial arts and looking after my health (thanks to copywriting, I’ve learned some amazing things about health and wellness, along with some great info on supplements)

* I’ve worked full time for myself, from home, for 13 years now (love it, love it)

* I’ve written copy for every conceivable niche possible (dog therapists to Amish furniture craftsmen)

* I’m passionate about sharing marketing tips, systems, and ideas that work

* I’m not into the hype or ridiculous promises being made by the scammers out there

* Last, but not least, I’ve been quieter than usual with my emails lately (for good reason – join me and find out more)

Anyhow, I have something new I want to share with you.

Some recent discoveries, along with some refined marketing systems.

Things I love.

Maybe you will too.

I am doing a last minute webinar tomorrow to share my findings and a potential opportunity for you and I to work together.


= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

35 minutes (possibly more)


Friday, September 12, 2014

1:00 PDT, 2:00 MDT, 3:00 CDT, 4:00 CDT

Register here:


It will be recorded BUT you need to sign up to get the replay.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =


See you then,


Troy White - kickboxing


6 wacky things about me you don’t know

Hope you had a fabulous summer!

I did :)

Lots of time off with my daughters – travel, fun and adventure.

But, it’s time to get back to work and get serious.

You and I have 4 months left in 2014… and they can be exceptional months if you make them so.

I want to start with some very unusual things you don’t know about me, then show you why this is important to you and your business…

(1) I had an awful fear of snakes.

So, I did what anyone with a phobia should do – I FORCED MYSELF to get over it! I went out and bought a snake, a small tank, and put it on the nightstand next to my bed. Nightmares for 2 weeks – but fears disappeared!

(2) I was a “headbanger” in high school.hippy

Hippy hair, heavy metal rock, and a bleached-back jean Van Halen jacket were my calling. I sucked at phys ed. Didn’t exercise at all. Fortunately for me, I was young with a lightning fast metabolism. But later in life that metabolism shrivelled up, my belly grew, my hair got shorter, and my jean jacket disappeared on me (the latter, thanks to my mom and a garage bag).

Ultimately I found a true passion for martial arts in my 30s and now 40s. I’ve now trained in Tae Kwon Do (2nd degree Black Belt), Karate, Muay Thai (my fave), and Kickboxing. I regularly train now at 45 yrs old many times a week, and spar/compete with guys 10-20 years younger.

(3) I sold UFOs as a business.

Yup – true entrepreneur at heart here. It started when I was a youngster selling off the baby gerbils that kept appearing in their cage.

Paper routes, lemonade stands, and allllll kinds of unusual ventures. I even sold ufo inflatable advertising blimps, custom built cat houses (and blueprints), personal attack alarms, importing/exporting courses by C.O.D.

I love the entrepreneurial spirit in myself and in others!

(4) A very odd 5:30 am habit I started.

Thanks to the late, great Gary Halbert, I got up every morning and hand-wrote out million dollar sales letters for 1-2 hours. By the time my hands were cramped and screaming in pain, my daughters would wake up raring to start the day (you may or may not know, I have twin daughters, now 13 yrs old – both have that entrepreneurial spirit AND a love for extreme workouts :)

(5) I rode a 1970 Triumph Bonneville for 13 years – it hated women.

Back in my hippy days, I so wanted to buy and ride a bike. So I followed that dream, found an old vintage Triumph motorcycle and continued to fix it up (and keep it running) over the years.

They even let me take my motorcycle license test on that bike…without brake lights, without signal lights, and without a horn!. So loved that bike.

Funny thing was – that bike was a she and hated women!

Every…single…time…I tried to go for a ride with someone of the female persuasion, the bike would give me grief. Flat tires, carburetor spewing gas, melting wires, fouled spark plugs…anything it could do to keep that girl off the back of the Triumph, it would.

(6) I constantly struggle with my weight.

troy-kickboxingI lost about 30 pds in fat and gained about 20 pds in lean muscle since January this year (all the while, competing in 13 kickboxing fights – winning 8 of them – one against a giant 6’8” 290 lb line backer – 20 years younger than me!)

Weight loss, energy, and recovery time all boosted thanks to a combination of my martial arts and these supplements

(there’s even an interview I did with the World Running Summit about my health transformation here

What does all this have to do with you, with your marketing, and with your future success?


Stories have never been more important in marketing and sales than RIGHT. NOW. I’ve been preaching this for many years, and even did live coaching on this AND have home study programs for this (

There is nothing that’ll boost your business faster than improving your story selling skills.

People want to know the REAL you behind the business, and sharing stories is a proven model for connecting with prospects and buyers alike.

120 days is a lot.

You can reinvent your business.

You can create a new business.

You can completely change your health.

Anything you want to do can be done in before the end of the year.

But it takes ACTION (lots of it) and a plan.

And NOW is the time to start!

Have a great day.




Lusty, Wild, Trim and Trendy

Catchy headline for a vintage ad I found.  Especially when it matches up nicely with the picture.

Have a look at a few of these vintage ads and tell me something…

…what makes these ads so different than 99% of the ads out there now?


The ads of a couple decades ago LOVED copy and used copy to tell stories.

The ads of today – typically use a graphic that has nothing to do with the product or service being sold (like cute animals and the Telus campaign that’s cost them many millions – do you buy internet services because of a cute bunny? Me neither!)

Don’t be shy about telling your story and using lots of copy!

Without a doubt, more copy (if written properly) will always outsell less copy.

drink carpet car sont light lusty

































































Duct Tape Marketing

A Special Offer for Friends of DuctTape Marketing…

Nothing beats a great lead generation and conversion campaign!


With 13 years experience helping others grow their client base and improve their cash flow, I can help you too.

Need leads?

Let me help you create a custom and targeted lead generation campaign.

Need sales?

If your leads aren’t closing, I have the perfect solution to converting them to buyers.

I specialize in copywriting and sales scripting services for small to mid sized businesses.

From sales letters, email marketing campaigns, product launch funnels, direct mail, video sales letters, phone scripts, lead generation and conversion campaigns.

Smaller businesses need more creative marketing campaigns (on a budget).

Contact me for help and I guarantee to help grow your business. Mention you are from Duct Tape Marketing and I will gift you a special program that shows you how to turn stories into business assets.

Troy White
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Kijiji my Shmeejy: marketing lessons and an offer to help


Hope you’ve been having a fabulous summer!

Been a while since I shared some marketing insights, thanks to the beaches calling my name and some projects taking up what’s left of my time.

I’ve been doing some purging lately, and using Kijiji (a Canadian version of Craigslist) to get rid of some things.


Are there some winners and whack jobs out there!

And serious time wasters.

The problem with sites like this to post furniture or electronics for sale (or free), is that people love wasting your time.

Not showing up when they said they will.

Nickel and diming you on goods that are already at a huge discount.

It’s a royal pain in the arse and some of the stuff I’ve been purging ended up being donated to Goodwill when I got sick of the trolls out there wasting my time.

But – I got to do what I love to do…

…play with headlines and copy to see what gets better responses.

I was hired years ago by a lead generation company to test
different email marketing messages to their database of 500,000

We got a 1,250% response boost by testing some very
off-the-wall email messages.  Measured in ORDERS! Imagine getting
an immediate boost in sales of 1,250% just by changing the headline!

Very possible for you too.

By far, the #1 thing you need to be doing when promoting your business is testing different messages.

One headline or subject line can immediately boost interested parties in what you are selling.

From there, the copy can compel them to buy, or sign up for your free offer.

But if you’re offer (or traffic source) is no good, the best copy in the world won’t save you!

Test those headlines though!
The dog days of summer are coming to a close and people will quickly be getting serious about the last 4 months of the year.

Are YOU ready?

I have an unusual offer for you today.

Are you looking to grow your business quickly in the coming months?

Do you have an existing client database that isn’t buying as much as they should?

Email me ( and tell me:

1) your name and phone #
2) your business details (what you sell, how you sell it now)
3) what’s your biggest need right now in your business

If you’re a good fit, I’ll email you right back and we’ll set up a time to talk.

Sound fair?

Hit reply right now then!

Have a GREAT day :)



Why I “blackball” ego-driven clients

It always amazes me.

I’ve ranted about it before, but something happened yesterday that holds a great marketing lesson.

A strong self-worth and level of confidence is essential in business today.

Thin skinned entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen and won’t last long in business without ‘thickening up’.

Here’s why ego-driven entrepreneurs and I don’t get along:

Sometimes I take on client work that looks interesting and has potential to be a breakthrough winner for all involved. We go through the research phase, the discovery phase, we find the hot buttons and the unique difference they have in the marketplace (your ONE unique ‘thing’ is KEY to your success).

I write the copy campaigns for them that positions them differently and correctly, based on what I uncovered.

Then their ego kicks in.

“We can’t use copy like that! It’s too different than what we’re used to. Our clients won’t like it. It’s actually (gasp) selling something rather than lathering on free content like we’ve always done”

{insert other whiney, ego-driven excuse here}

I’ve been in this business for 13 years, and have helped my clients make millions of dollars in all kinds of industries and niches (last count was 31 niches I believe).

During those 156 months, I’ve always had the same guarantee.

I write the best copy for my client, based on what I think they should be testing.

They test it in front of a pre-determined number of potential buyers (has to be a sufficient number or the test isn’t valid).

If the copy doesn’t work - I rewrite it and test a NEW approach.

BUT… some ego-driven entrepreneurs REFUSE to test the copy for the reasons above.

Think about this…

…what they were doing before DIDN’T WORK… so they hired me to try a new approach (which has made my clients millions).

As soon as I write the copy I think will work – they are now copywriting experts and just “know” it won’t work.

Bull sheet.

I will rewrite it if it is proven to not work – but I refuse to rewrite it if they don’t test it.

Which causes ego-driven conflict.

You ask the best and most successful business owners in the world if everything they tested (key word) worked.

Of course not.

Sometimes the things they ‘knew’ would work – BOMBED.

Sometimes the stupidest ideas – MEGA SUCCESS.

Nobody knows what will work until it is tested.

I’ve written a lot of story-based campaigns for clients and they often provide HUGE cash flow surges for them – when they test them!

They are uncomfortable testing them (most entrepreneurs don’t like sharing personal stories – even through they are PROVEN to increase revenues).

So I never rewrite copy unless tested – and I never refund on copy work. My time is as valuable as yours – and I’m willing to rework the copy till it gets the conversion.



Your ego is WRONG.


The ONLY way to know – is to try it.

Last… your ego is WRONG.

Ego-driven marketing decisions almost always fail.

But test-based marketing decisions ultimate always find a solution.

And story-based copy can always be made to work and be profitable.

Drop the ego and start testing more stories in your copy.

Jeremy wrote a story for a bakery and took their single page of web copy from $500 a month income to $15,000 a month!

One page.

One story.

Pretty simple.

And my Story Selling System is the foundation that’ll help you get YOUR story cranking out the revenues like you want!

The home study program details are here

You can grab the home study there if you like for a small
investment of less than a hundred bucks.

One breakthrough could easily make you 10 times that in the next


BUT, if you want more help – here’s an option for you…

..9 entrepreneurs can get the same system that I’ve used to
help my clients make millions.


You get the Story Selling Home Study program – AND we will do 3
calls as a small group to help you get the makeover and results you

Your core story – nailed.

Your one thing – nailed.

Your best sales growth strategy – nailed.

Think about the results that the businesses above get in just a
short period of time using these strategies…


Grab a spot here and let’s turn the next few months of 2014
your most profitable yet.

9 spots – grab one now…

(just change the quantity if you only want one option or the other).

To your turnaround success.

Troy White

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