True Story: a Drunken Duck + Bar room Dog Fights = a HELL of a Good Email Idea

One of my favourite sources of good story ideas is in the online news media. There is a GOLDMINE of ideas out there for those paying attention.

Just saw this one today, and thought it was the PERFECT example of how you can use a news item and turn it into a promotion.

The story is at

The headline from the news article: Duck Wearing Bow-Tie Walks Into Pub, Drinks Pint, Fights Dog, Loses

Wee bit tabloid style – but fascinating subject line!

You may mock this – but there isn’t an industry out there that couldn’t get readers, and buyers, using more of this type of story.

The article goes on about a guy who has a pet duck, and a pet dog. He takes both to a bar and feeds them a beer – go figure, a fight breaks out and the duck gets hurt.

The lessons are varied on how you can tie this in. (I love the line “the duck pushed it too far this time”!)

Here’s a few for some of the industries represented within the Playbook readers:

You got their attention through the story line
Now build it into some business lessons…

How to get attention in cluttered marketplace (or selling marketing services or consulting services)
Stay classy at all times (talking about the tie-wearing duck – great for affluent services, opticians, jewelry, interior designers)
Dangers of drinking too much (fitness people, health care, nutritional advice)
Looking classy doesn’t need to cost you a fortune (consignment stores)
Tie it all back to a quick offer you can make.

Very simple formulas – that consistently work!


Some of the places I personally use and love for story ideas are:

Huffington Post (
The Mirror (
Google (
Hold The Front Page (
Forbes (
Time (
InfoWars (
Reddit (

These are just a few hot news sites. I would suggest you find news sites that are also related to your industry (go to Google and search <your niche> + top news sites) – you will get a bunch of highly focused ones perfect for you.

I’ve used this in the pet business, in the spa business, in the infra-red sauna business, in the botox business, and about 35 other ones.

It WORKS – each time!

So drop the “it won’t work for me because ____insert lame excuse here ____” and get some attention with ideas like this!


I’ve been really quiet lately with emails. I am hard at my training for Worlds in September (I’m competing in the Kickboxing division for 35+ year olds and in the 45+ year old division). I’m also very actively helping a client in the skin-care, anti-aging business.


My apologies!

Hit reply right now, and do one of two things, or both:

1) Let me know if you need help either brainstorming a marketing campaign or product launch, and you just feel STUCK on what to do next.

2) You have feedback for me on what you miss for my emails, content, rants, etc. I feel out of touch with what you want/need from me, and would love to help.

ANY AND ALL FEEDBACK is much appreciated!

Have a great day.



My push to win a medal at Worlds in September (and leads for you)

I am aiming for this...with a Gold Medal around my neck!

I am aiming for this…with a Gold Medal around my neck!

I’ve only mentioned it once before in a side comment, but I’m off to worlds in less than 6 weeks!

Orlando, Florida is home for WKU Worlds, September 23rd – 30th.

And the old guy here is competing in the Kickboxing divisions for 35+ and 45+.

This’ll be the first time in my last 2.5 years of competing that I’ve stuck with competing against guys my age (well – the 45+ division, anyhow).

It’s my first Worlds – and I am STOKED!

Training like a madman, eating for performance and endurance, and trying to get this stupid sleep apnea issue I just found out about under control.

6 weeks flies by – so the pressure is on :)

I do know I will be up against some tough Europeans in my matches, and I have to change my game plan if I want to win.

Heavyweights are heavyweights, and we love to stand and bang (not a lot of movement, just relying on our strength and skills).

But, my plan is to fight these ones differently – faster, more agile – fighting like I’m NOT a heavyweight (heavy weight in my divisions is everything 85 kg and up).

So explosiveness and endurance is EVERYTHING for my game plan.

And my training is highly focused on the basics, the range I fight at, and the angling I use when doing my thing.

Much like my business, your business, and every single business I write copy for – the basics are so, so, so important…

…yet most people want the flash, without a thought to the basics.

Bruce Lee once said “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.

Pure mastery of any skill (or sales strategy) is ALL about finding that ONE THING and practicing it until you bleed. Then you practice it more.

The basics.

I am working with a long-time friend and client that has me on a retainer to do monthly campaigns and initiatives.

We focus on the basics – find the ones that work the best for her business – and then we continue to do those simple things time and time again to get her the local clients she needs (affluent anti-aging clients).

Her sales are up, her leads and database are growing rapidly, and the basics are winning the game over all the other ‘shine object’ marketing you see out there.

You may have seen my articles about Gordon Ramsay, Jon Taffer, or Marcus Lemons before. Each of them is a master in their own game – and each of them comes in to a business, finds the ONE THING they can be experts at – then they roll out and perfect on a mass scale.

Have YOU mastered the basics of your lead generation and conversion?

Do you have a lead generation system in place that continues to feed you quality (and quantity) leads?

A conversion system that turns looky-loos into new and repeat buyers?

Imagine having a system in place that brings you consistent results day in and day out.

Qualified leads streaming in daily.

Quality clients that spend based on expertise, not cheapest price.

No matter what your business, or where you live/market/work, this IS something you need to focus on.

If you need a hand, and want to get some stellar results over the next few months (bankable results), then just hit reply and let me know when you can talk.

Tell me a little about your business, where you are at right now, and where you really want to be for the last 1/3 of the year (scary how fast this year has gone!).

From there, we’ll figure out if we are a good fit – and can see how we can get YOUR sales cranked up and more consistent.

Sound fair?

Hit reply and let me know where you need help most right now!

Have a great day.



PS: I’m also looking for corporate sponsors for WKU Worlds
(for both me, and the team).  If you have a product or service that
is fitness or health related, let me know by a quick reply and
we can talk options.


[Ends Sunday] How he became a psychic list builder (and added 45,000 new names)

This past week, I’ve shared a few stories about list building.

As you know, it’s a key to consistent cashflow. I sold over 1,200 electronic mice to a list of cat lovers (in one email) using the right list and message match!

But a list isn’t a list.psychic

Any name is NOT a good name.

Your list is only profitable if it’s targeted, and the messages you send them are relevant.

This is the BEST way I’ve seen to built a PERFECT LIST:

It’s possibly the weirdest (but coolest) method of building a list of subscribers…

Watch this video: (I think this dude is Psychic…)

He discovered a way to actually know, in advance what his subscribers want to buy, he actually makes them tell him explicitly…

Weird, but works!

Have a great weekend!

Troy White

PS: This is closing down on Sunday – so check it out now.


If David can build a 45K list in 4 months…what can YOU do?

Do you want to build a big list FAST?

It’s a big asset to your business, and makes cash flow
and revenue MUCH more predictable.

Did you know that if you use a regular “squeeze page”

you’re actually committing the biggest sin known in online marketing?

Times have changed…

And if you want to see, first hand, how my business associate
David Dekel built his list of 45k subscribers in just 4 months…


See for yourself…

Troy White

PS: This is one of my FAVORITE tools for building and growing
businesses.  Have a look and grab a copy – HUGE value here.

THIS turns players into kings (and more wise Sons of Anarchy advice)

I’ve written about Sons of Anarchy before – because it is a GREAT show!

One of the things I love about it…

…the awesome one liners that transcend into the business world.

For the Sons, guns and drugs ARE their business (along with the shop as their front).

It’s a brutal business. It’s a competitive business. It’s violent, vile, and vicious.

But it’s their passion.

And that passion CANNOT be dabbled in – it’s one you go head first into.

Dabblers get shot…or worse.sons-pope

Damon Pope, one of the kingpins the Sons deal with, said this: “There you go, finding a hidden advantage in an unfortunate circumstance; using pain to take you to the next level. Those are the things that turn players into kings.”


The only way to get great at something is to do things that pain you.

Using someone’s disadvantage as YOUR advantage.

Doing things others won’t do.

It may be brutally long hours, handwriting out in cramp-ridden form long copy sales letters.

It may be hours poured into split testing lead generating ads.

It may be spending hours testing our your new sales scripts on friends and associates.


It gets you to places that you’d NEVER get by avoiding the pain.

At 47 years old, competing in martial arts against 6’3 250 pound behemoths that are 20 years younger than me (like I did this weekend) – IS PAINFUL! My neck hurts from being smacked in the head, my legs hurt from leg kicks.

My ribs hurt…

…but I LOVED every single second of it~!

That pain points out my flaws and weak points.

It makes me get better.

I’ve told you about the awesome list building resources just announced here at

Rest assured, this is NOT a MAGIC PILL.

You will
endure pain.

You STILL have to actually DO SOMETHING with the tools.

You still have to actually get off your butt and build a list using the tools (it is NOT done for you – especially for the RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE they have this at!).

YOU… have to put in the work and feel the pain.

But the pain you feel will be farrrrrrr less than going it alone.

If I stepped into the ring to compete in Muay Thai without proper instruction and help, I’d have been pummelled and broken.

Yet I walked out of there with a 2nd place and a 3rd place. Not bad for an old guy in a young guys sport!

Much like online marketing.

Age is not important…

…but your ability and willingness to take advice and IMPLEMENT IT is important.

It will still hurt – but way less than going it on your own!

Grab this resource >>

It’s a fantastic resource for building your database – and, more importantly, getting to KNOW how and why they buy!

Get it now – I highly recommend it.

Troy White


My favourite (and most effective) marketing asset

For over 14 years now, I’ve helped thousands of others in their business, along with running various ventures of my own.

Fortunately for me, I learned early on just how critically important a list is.

Not just any list, but one that enjoys reading your emails, one that you understand their needs or wants, and one that responds to your offers, if they’re targeted to them.

I’ve made mistakes over the years in email marketing.



Stupid things I tested (some worked though :)

But I’ve also had some major winners.

One client of mine hired me to send out some interesting emails to their list of pet buyers. ONE email I sent, sold over 1,200 electronic mice for cat toys!

Another list I helped generate – and then mail to – launched a whole new, highly profitable revenue arm for a very un-sexy business.

List building and nurturing is CRITICAL if you want to stay in business!

Fresh, hungry, and highly targeted leads is the key to any and every business success.

Which is why I am proud to put my name behind this product for building and nurturing your list…

WARNING: this is not a get-rich-with-a-magic-button-bs pitch.

It doesn’t work that way!

Despite people knowing this, it still amazes me how many entrepreneurs think one or two emails to a dead list should make them a million. It’s sad…but funny, all at the same time.

You build a targeted list.

You get to know that list even better.

You give them good content and relevant offers.

You build a long-term relationship that continues for years, even decades!

(one new client of mine is actually an old client of mine who came to my Wild West Wealth Summit in 2007, used the info there to rebuild her troubled business, and built it into a 7 figure a year anti-aging clinic). We are now working together again to take her business to the next level. All this – from my email list. More about her soon :)

If you want to start building and improving the most profitable asset in your marketing war chest – grab this and all the bonuses =>

It’s inexpensive – and will give you a huge booster shot in the bank balance.

List building and nurturing is an art and a science combined.

One VERY MUCH worth figuring out!

Grab this bundle and build/nurture that list.