Win some, lose some: results from my fights and unique story angles

This past Saturday, I stepped into the ring to battle.

At 47 yrs old, I was the geezer in the ring at the Muay Thai fights. I also did something pretty stupid – I barely warmed up before my first fight.FullSizeRender (1)

Throughout the day, I was helping judge the Little Dragons, the youth, and the teens.

By the time I realized my division was soon to start, I had to run up, get my gear on, and scatter to get the old joints and limbs stretched out and warmed up.

Add to this, my typical stressing out process I go through before a tournament, and I did NOT feel prepared.

There were 6 of us guys in the division.

My name was called, and I stepped in and looked up to the young ‘un I was about to battle. He was at least 6” taller than me – had long arms and long legs.

We started the fight, and he was way too fast for my liking.

My legs felt like they were 200 pounds each, and I just felt sluggish and slow.

I lost the first fight.

Now to strategize what I needed to do for the next battle…


In order to do that, I needed to refocus (getting right of the butterflies), to do some things differently (the one ref told me the only reason I lost the first one was not doing enough of certain Muay Thai techniques), and I needed to out-score the upcoming youngster.

Which I did!

2 more fights – 4 more rounds – and 2 straight wins.

I took a 3rd place for the tournament, and came out of it smarter, with some bangs and bruises to remind me of the lessons learned.

As the saying goes, you win some, you lose some.

As long as you are learning from BOTH, you are way ahead of the game.

I have BIG aspirations for myself in business, and in my Muay Thai training/tournaments.

2016 is going to be my best year yet!

But in order to do both, this lesson need to be locked in and become part of my daily rituals (as they should be for yours, if you want to step up your game for the coming year):

* Accept that fear IS part of the game. If you aren’t uncomfortable, then there’s something wrong. You are getting cocky, letting your ego rule the roost. You NEED fear to push you!

There’s a great Muay Thai fighter I follow that writes a lot about fighting (she’s had 130 professional fights in Thailand in the past few years – more than any other Western woman OR man, ever).

She just wrote this (her name is Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu of 8 Limbs US):

“There’s nothing amiss when you feel nervous for a fight. But if you obsess over it and try to avoid the feeling, like swatting the flies, you’re putting a great deal of energy into something that you don’t have a lot of control over. If you accept the fear as part of the process and just be sure not to hold on to it – acknowledge its presence and its purpose but focus on more important things, like things you can control – then you can still experience the feeling without being pestered by it; it’s not a buzzing fly but the tickle of a feather.”

WHY is this important for your business?

Because fear is a necessity!

If you aren’t fearful about what you’re doing in business, you aren’t doing enough.

If you let the little things get to you, rather than focusing on the BIG PICTURE, then you’re completely distracted from the big moves your strategically thinking competitors are taking.

You need to TAP INTO that fear…seek it out (by doing bigger things – more often)…and learn to use it to your advantage.

In my fights, I was still feeling the fear as I got further into the fights, but I was controlling it – I was letting the fear actually fuel my punches and kicks.

I was using fear as an advantage.

Which is what YOU need to do too!

You don’t need to get punched in the head like I do :)

You just need to act, and behave like a warrior, and use fear as a competitive advantage.

Let your fear of doing massive things become your predominant point of focus.

It takes practice!

NOW… think of the biggest thing you want to accomplish in 2016.

Does it make your stomach TURN and TWIST?


If not – you need to take your goal and ramp it up 10 TIMES.

If you DO feel that fear, that uncomfortable zone, those butterflies…then GOOD.

THAT is the right place to be.

Work and sit in that fear.

Learn to use that fear to FOCUS your efforts.

Use that fear to AMPLIFY your efforts.

Then reap the rewards.

My personal goal for Muay Thai is to go to Worlds next year (in the Masters Division – all old geezers like me).

THAT makes me scared beyond words.

I need to do SO MUCH WORK to get there!

I need to spar 3 times a week with tough competitors for the next year.

I need to up my conditioning TIMES 10.

I need to qualify at Provincials first – then Nationals next – to even be CONSIDERED for Worlds.

At 47 years of age – kind of a big thing I need to do here…and stay un-injured through all of this.

In my business, my goals are JUST as grand!

I’m using Story Playbook ideas to take my businesses to similar elevated levels too *(if you haven’t gotten into the Story Playbook world yet –, WHY NOT? It’s simple – it’s cheap – ad it’s PACKED with ideas to elevate your business and life!)

Just ONE of the ideas I am sharing in the December edition – and in the special report coming out December 1st – shows how to use unexpected and unusual story angles to start a business, grow a business, or sell a business.

Are you with me?

Do YOU want to create an EPIC story for 2016? One that you can share with your friends, family, and clients?

Then STEP UP, step into the ring with me, and let’s make this battle next year your best performance yet!

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Why I’m gaga about getting punched in the face tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon I go toe-to-toe with some big, strong, heavyweights.



At 47 yrs of age, you’d think I’d know better by now.

Considering most of the guys in the Muay Thai Tournament will be in their 20s, I have my work cut out for me! I could almost be their father, yet I have to lay a beat down on them ;)

Why would I enjoy getting punched in the head, kicked in the ribs (and legs – which is what tore my knee ligament last year at this time), even knee’d in the sternum?

It could be some form of masochism…

…or maybe it’s the wicked-good adrenaline rush that comes with it
…maybe just more than a few screws loose

…but I DO LOVE IT!

I get myself all worked up 24 hours before a tournament like this. Then I heard who’s coming to compete this time – and the worrying begins.

I’ll be the grandpa in the crowd for sure…by a long shot is my guess.

But it won’t stop me!

The lessons I’ve learned in my martial arts training directly apply to my business:

* Every single loss or failure is a MASSIVE learning opportunity

* Every single win is a sign of something I did right (and an opportunity to lock in the memory of what exact steps I took that pushed me to a win)

* Bumps and bruises are all part of the game (and must be expected)

* Persistence is absolutely key! I have sooooo many people come and go in the martial arts over there years, its sad. They train for a month or two – then disappear

* Training is critical – but you NEED to get punched in the face to know how you handle the stress that comes with it (in the business world – all the reading and training is just as important – but you MUST go LIVE with your projects and actually do something in the real world – other than hiding behind seminars, books, and training courses)

* You’re NEVER too old! Being the grandpa in the tournaments and my classes, the one thing I make sure I do is work as hard, or harder, than ANYONE ELSE! Age is not a factor – effort is!

My 'hobby' is kickboxing and Muay Thai - and nothing I love more than finding gold nugget stories from my hobbies and finding ways to profit from them!

My ‘hobby’ is kickboxing and Muay Thai – and nothing I love more than finding gold nugget stories from my hobbies and finding ways to profit from t

Last lessons…

…always be on the lookout for ways to create a story-worthy lifestyle!

If you feel you don’t have good stories – go out and MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

You are in charge of your life and business, and YOU are the one responsible for making it a story you are proud to tell others.

Story Playbook #3 just came out – – and it’s a doozy. PLUS, I am doing a special report just for active Story Playbook members this December 1st. Only available for those who are active in the group.

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I’ll share with you the results of the fights this weekend – and I really would like to see you inside the Story Playbook group!

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!




VR storytelling, cocaine ads, and neuromarketing junk science?

playbook logoVR storytelling, cocaine ads, and neuromarketing junk science?

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3 daily therapies for your marketing success and abundance

With just 49 days left in 2015, NOW is the time to amplify your efforts and end your year with a big celebration.

Not THIS kind of therapy!

Not THIS kind of therapy!

In order to do that though, you need to either magnify a routine you’re on (one that’s working), or pick up a NEW routine to really end this year well.

I shared one of my routines last week… morning pages. Full article is here:

Not only is it therapy for the mind (writing out your thoughts like that every morning is a great way to clear the head, and get your brain juices flowing.

BUT…it also is a GREAT SOURCE of marketing ideas, headlines, product ideas, and motivations.

Some really powerful (and profitable) ideas come to me this way – they will for you too. As I said, combine this one therapy with the Story Playbook – and you could easily end your year with a significant revenue boost => (Playbook #3 comes out on the 15th of November).

There’s also 2 other daily therapies that I do – and highly recommend for peak performance and profitability.


Heart pumping exercise – every day. I start my morning with an early 30 minute fast-paced hike with the dogs at the off leash. BUT, I don’t talk about this as much, I also do 10+ Muay Thai/Kickboxing workouts a week. Now, that is a wee bit excessive…and I don’t need anyone yammering on about how it’s too much.

You DON’T need to work out like I do – but you DO need to exercise. It’s great for the body AND mind…and you need BOTH to make your business successful (end up bed bound with an illness due to poor health and your business goes splat).

I workout like I do because I love it (I teach classes every week and get lots of sweat-filled, butt-kicking fitness in).

I am competing in a week – and I have GRAND AMBITIONS for 2016 (Worlds!).

In order to do that, at 47 yrs old…I need to stay consistent and stay VERY active.

So find a workout of choice (one that combines body weight exercises, weighted exercises, and interval style training – my recommendation).

Last, #3…


Lots. And I don’t mean idiotic Facebook rants. I mean real books. Books that push your mind and make you think. A combination of fiction AND non-fiction is the best way to do it.

I typically have 2 or 3 books on the go at a time. Some people prefer to do one at a time. As long as you’re reading, you’re growing.

The books I am working on right now: A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw, The 12 Week Year by Brian Morgan, and Wired For Story by Lisa Cron.

All non-fiction right now, but I have a fiction one (Travis McGee) ready to roll when I finish one of these 3.

BONUS, #4…

Master your ability to use stories in your sales and marketing! It’s a simple, but highly profitable skill to refine.

It works in EVERY industry.

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Story Playbook #3 comes on November 15th, and it’s a doozy:

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