8 Customer Service Victories I saw in Vidanta, MX

I just had the great pleasure to spend a week in Nuevo Vallarta with my family. IMG_7872

It was my parents 50th Anniversary, so 10 of us packed up our flip flops and swim trunks and headed south to the sun, beach, and ice-cold cervesas.

I’ve been to Mexico before, but this trip we decided to all stay together in a luxury ‘shack’ owned by a friend of the family.

The Vidanta Resort is MASSIVE!

5,000 employees, at least 8 towers, a dozen or more restaurants, and oodles of beach chairs. It is a timeshare operation, but we never had to listen to a pitch (very high pressure, we heard).

We also got to stay in the ‘Residence’ Tower, which was the highest end accommodations there. For 10 of us, it was perfect with about 5,000 sq ft!

What occurred to me there was how much they have completely MASTERED the marketing, sales, and – most definitely – the customer service game.

I learned a LOT from them – maybe you can too…

Our room had 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a private pool, vast amounts of balcony space to take in the gorgeous surroundings, a kitchen, and all the lounging room a person could ever hope for.IMG_7682

But what really struck me this trip, more than any other trip to Mexico in the past, was how far SUPERIOR they are there in treating their customers.

KILLER coffee…

We had fresh scrumptious coffee delivered into our place every morning at our set time. Not just crappy coffee – but exceptionally brewed, and a large enough quantity for all of us. Most places these days give you those single pack coffees, or brew their own watered-down version of decent coffee. These guys KNOW coffee.

Personal concierge…

Anything we needed, was a quick call away. Prices on excursions. Taxis booked. Reservations. Anything we needed was done for us – with pride, with a smile, and with heart-felt sincerity (they created you EVERY time – even if it was 10th time today you saw them – with their right hand over their heart – and an enthusiastic ‘Ola’ your way).
Attention to the finest of details…IMG_7911

While we were fortunate enough to stay in the highest end tower, every single one of the other towers was the perfect model of luxury and attention to detail. Nothing I saw was ever dirty, out of place, unfolded, or unkept. The staff everywhere was consistent, friendly, and didn’t look at us ‘gringoes’ like we were little else than “money”. You had a choice of accommodations at all the different price-points, but the service was impeccably consistent no matter where you went.


We did a few different day trips. Zip lining. Fishing. And the oh-so-awesome Rythym of The Nights show (after an hour long, highly entertaining, boat trip – to an excluded location that was straight out of the movies for dinner and a show). First off, the staff has to learn and master English. Then, they learn how to entertain through laughter. THEN, they learn how to consistently put on a show – and they did SUCH an amazing job! Hard to find consistency like this in the business world (in North America specifically!).

Bartering :)IMG_7900

Always fun in Mexico – but harder to find decent bartering, I thought, than past trips. My favourite vendor quotes: “Cheaper than Kmart”, “Almost free”, “Come check out my cheap Chinese Crap”. These guys knew how to get you in, get you browsing, and get you buying one thing or ten. I am not much of a shopper, but one shop owner was amazing! He got me buying, and buying, and buying. all at a big discount – and all with a smile on his face and a joke coming out of his mouth.

Dream beds :)

I tried packing it up to bring with – but they caught me at the front door. Seriously though, it was the best mattress I’ve ever slept on. In a high end place, everything needs to be 5 star!

Cater to them – but make them PAY to play.IMG_7641

From the seaway-delivered beers on the beach, to the incredible shuttles at your beck and call to visit anywhere, there’s no shortage of exceptional customer service examples to be found. BUT, it isn’t cheap – and everyone knows it. The more fun you want – the more you pay.

Patience, practice, and discipline.

Their employees were committed to being the best at their jobs. They practiced their English. The catered to your whims. They did everything to stand out (rarely seen in Canada or the US!). Their shows were top notch and seamlessly performed.

I learned (and re-learned) a LOT about customer service and sales packaging this trip. I plan on implementing these ideas into my business, and my clients’ businesses. You should too!

If you get the chance, check out Vidanta in Nuevo Vallarta – a great experience and learning lesson!IMG_7861


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Misery to Millions

miseryIf you’ve seen Misery, you probably cringe at the thought of Kathy Bates taking a sledgehammer to James Caan’s ankles.

As she ‘hobbled’ his ankles, he realized his life was a sh*tshow and he was stuck right where he was.

Crippled, broken, and unable to find a way out.

It’s a very similar feeling many entrepreneurs get when deep in the muck, and unable to see a clear escape.

You feel useless.


In pain and w/o a pill.

Alan Magliocca was there.

Complete and utter misery with the online marketing space.

Flop after flop.

Crippling blow after blow.

But…he found a way to escape…

…and went from Misery to Millions!

Actually – $10,000,000.

In 7 years.

Not too shabby.

I know one of Alan’s partners, Reed, quite well – and have known him for a long time. Reed told me about Alan’s success – and his system…and I am highly impressed. is a great place to start if you are stuck in the misery phase.

That awesome black hole of despair where you don’t know a way out – but you’ve seen all the signs that there IS a way out.

Alan Magliocca has 14 years of experience in AND OUT of that black hole, and now has 8 figures in digital sales under his belt..

Alan wants to hand YOU the same resources that he uses on a daily basis to generate huge paydays.

Get started with Alan here:

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WANTED: 3 case studies to share with my list (w/ a cash cow idea)

We are almost a 1/3 of the way through 2016!

Scary how fast it goes…

…even scarier when those big goals are getting further away from being achieved.

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I haven’t done anything like this in years, but the timing feels right (and I know a few people this will be a BIG help for).

Facing your fears head-on is the fastest way to success.

And, based on my research with my clients, sharing stories can be one of those big fears (right up next to getting up in front of a hundred people to give a speech).

How about if I FORCE you to share your story…

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Hot dot coms for sale – and a bonanza of marketing ideas

Hope you are having an awesome month!

About to do some beach R&R here, and wanted to send out a couple sizzling updates for spring (Calgary broke a 110 year old temperature record yesterday – perfect way to kick off spring).

First off… dot coms.

For 14 years now, I’ve invested in dot coms as a form of marketing asset. They make for great product launch links, affiliate redirects, new online business ideas, and are truly like real estate – one of a kind!

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145 bloody battles, 95 stitches, and here’s her best success advice

At first glance, you may think this has nothing to do with marketing or business.muay-Thai-fight

BUT, rest assured, this interview holds some of the true keys to success.

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu is a TRUE warrior.

She’s fought more fights in Thailand than any other man or woman from the Western World.

She fights the best fighters from Thailand – and she has an incredible story to share on how she has done this in just a few short years.
Things like:

* Getting out of a slump or injury (or bad marketing campaign, or flopped business idea) and the mental drills you can start doing NOW

* Where stubbornness comes into your quest for success, and when you are best to bring it to the forefront

* One of her initial weaknesses has now turned into one of her greatest assets (find out what it is – and how to start using it in your training too)

* Trading laughter for self-abuse: where a good old belly laugh can take your game higher than you’ve ever thought

* BRUTAL tough training schedules and how she manages 6-8 hour training days consistently (right up to her fights, and starting back the day after she fights)

* The TEAR formula shortcut, and how to know when the PERFECT time is to crank up your training for practical fight outcomes

* Body breakdowns and what (if anything) you can do about it – and how she prefers to deal with the ‘bad days’ or ‘bad weeks’Sylvie-von-Duuglas-Ittu-Lommanee-Yokkao-Womens-War-Face-Bloodied-Face

* Your mind/body stress thermometer and how to use it in training for your best workouts yet

* Plateau chateau – and how she continually raises the bar and ups her game when things are getting stale

* Plus… she shares a lot of GOLDEN tips for those who want to become an elite athlete (or entrepreneur) that can compete against the best in the world (or even to bring your own game to the best of your ability, with or without the competitive side of martial arts)!

This is for a new podcast series I am doing in the Martial Arts world, but applies as much to life and success as anything.

This hasn’t even really gone live or had any marketing, but there’s so much good info here, I wanted you to hear it.

Go here to listen and sign up!

Website and pics

Would love your feedback (and reviews).

Thanks, Troy

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11 QUICK-cash Creative WiLd CARDS on tonights webinar

The past couple weeks I’ve been promoting Daniel Levis’ free training and course.

Actually…pushing hard is more like it!

For GOOD reason.

Daniel is a fellow Canuck, I’ve known him for a decade or more now, and I completely ADMIRE everything he does in his trainings.

This one tonight is going to top it off with a doozy!

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Now, here’s some details about tonights call…
[FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD: “QUICK CASH Creative Wild Cards CHEAT SHEET: 27 Profit Fire-Starters to Use On Your Very Next Campaign (See Below)]

It’s confusing as a kid… when your family’s heading for the relatives.

You’re almost there, just minding your own business, when someone in the front seat
turns around and gives you the evil eye!

What follows is a mini-lecture that basically says:

“Don’t ANY of you kids talk about religion, politics, or sex…

… “Especially with Aunt Lois and Uncle Jim… they never shut up!”

You dutifully nod your head and wonder…

“What’s up with that? The BEST stuff is off limits?”

Avoid the cool stuff about love… hate… money… world events… the afterlife… poverty… relationships?

Well, if you were repressed during those troublesome years…


But TONIGHT (at 8PM Eastern), Daniel Levis is diving right smack dab into the howling hurricane of emotions that swirl around…

… SEX, RELIGION, and POLITICS… and a lot of other controversial, but super-profitable stuff like…

…Betrayal, the bizarre, challenges, cheating, conflict, conspiracy, intrigue, controversy, death, defiance, deviant behavior, envy, evil, the forbidden, murder, heartbreak, disgust, jealousy, Biblical topics, rumor, rescue, scandal, and tragedy.

What could be more fun?

So instead of walking on eggshells, Daniel will use these “landmine” topics TO MAKE YOU WINDFALLS OF CASH!

Tonight’s FREE training is called:

“11 QUICK-CASH Creative WILD CARDS: The Secret Mind Hacks to Out-Think, Out-Market, and Out-Sell Everyone Else in Your Niche, Through Sheer Inventiveness and Creative Volume…

And whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting out, there’s NOTHING more foundational to your success than zeroing in on the DEEPER ways to connect with the powerful emotions lurking at the heart of these QUICK-CASH WILD CARDS.

This is the biggest problem I’ve seen over the last 2 years…

… WORN OUT, BORING, OVERUSED, and REPETITIVE subject lines, headlines and sales copy.

That’s why “invention” is more critical than ever and why Daniel’s going to show you:

>>> How to connect with the deeper layers of empathetic persuasion and avoid formulaic, sales-killing CLICHED persuasion… (STOP using the offensive, copycat NLP stuff that drives people away)…

>>> How to run a Geiger counter over your sales funnel, locating the HIGH-PROFIT CENTERS (i.e., the buzzing  “uranium” of untapped, unnoticed, and unexplored hot buttons that create sales)…

>>> Why EVERY entrepreneur is COMPLETELY BLIND to connecting with vast expanses of their market (old pros and newbies ALL have this same, unsuspected problem eating away at their profits)…

>>> How to go far beyond worn-out persuasion templates and quickly create gutsy sales messages with deep PSYCHIC PENETRATION… with every subject line, EMAIL, headline, ad, or VSL…

After tonight’s training you’ll detour around a couple miserable years of trial-and-error as you set up advanced, sophisticated persuasion sequences.

In other words, if you’re not on board TONIGHT at 8 PMEastern, you’re waving goodbye to a freight-train of profits, easier sales…

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Not much of a choice is it?

Again, it’s called:

“11 QUICK-CASH Creative WILD CARDS: The Secret Mind Hacks to Out-Think, Out-Market, and Out-Sell Everyone Else in Your Niche, Through Sheer Inventiveness and Creative Volume…


At the end of tonight’s “WILD CARD” training, you get to download Daniel’s amazing appreciation BONUS:

“The QUICK CASH Creative Wild Cards CHEAT SHEET: 27 Profit Fire-Starters to Use On Your Very Next Campaign!”

There are 27 “Wild Cards” on the CHEAT SHEET.

You’ll pull this out every time you need some juice for coming up with an attention-arresting “angle” for approaching a new ad, email, headline, offer, or overall theme for your sales funnel or campaign.

Daniel will talk about ALL the stuff you had to avoid as a kid!

See you in a few hours.