NEW Case Study: 2.8 Million Leads. 175K Customers. 17 Markets….


Are you using SURVEYS at all in your business?

If you’re like most people, I’m willing to bet the answer is YES…


I’m also willing to bet your surveys don’t pull these kinds of numbers:

2.8 million leads…

175,000 buyers…

Across 17 different non-IM markets…

…All in just the past 23 months.

What’s the story?

Well, the guy who’s been pulling these numbers is a high-level marketer by the name of Ryan Levesque

But most people know him as the “Survey Funnel” specialist…

Because he’s the guy that 7, 8, and 9 figure companies bring through the back door to build and run cold traffic marketing funnels – all using surveys…

And I’m talking serious players, like…

The #1 Golf Instruction site in the world…

The #1 Tennis Instruction site online…

The #2 Satellite TV provider in the US…

The #3 Business Funding provider in the US…

And dozens of companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations…

… And he also does it for some of the top people in the business.

(In fact, companies like Agora Financial and Boardroom Inc. get on the phone with him just to pick his brain each week…)

Let’s put it this way…

Ryan’s the REAL DEAL.

So why am I excited?

Well, I was talking to Ryan the other day and he gave me a behind-the-scenes look at what he’s doing with surveys right now – and I was blown away…

So I asked if he’d consider TEACHING me (and you) part of his survey technique…

The good news?

He agreed :-)

The BAD news is…

Ryan really isn’t a teacher or guru…

Ryan operates “behind the scenes” – actually implementing these techniques to build sales funnels for 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses…

And his schedule is EXTREMELY booked…

BUT – I was able to get him for a one-time-only training workshop, this coming Wednesday at 3:30pm EST where he’ll be teaching his system…

I know it’s short notice, but you really can’t afford to miss this.

Training Webinar: Survey Funnel Formula Wednesday, May 27th @ 3:30pm EST/2:30 CST/1:30 MST/12:30 PST

More specifically…

Ryan will be showing you how to implement the 3 BIG secrets behind his formula…

And the best part?

With what he’s teaching…

You can basically double or even TRIPLE your business – without having to get ANY more traffic.

So if you’re interested (or even just curious), register by clicking here:

I’ll be on the webinar taking LOTS of notes myself…

I look forward to seeing you there…

Have a great day,


P.S. By the way, I forgot to mention… on the webinar, Ryan is going to be giving away the one-page flowchart he uses to document his ENTIRE system from start to finish.

If nothing else, it’s worth being on the call JUST so you can get a copy of this system… So you can see how to replicate it yourself for your business.



Marketing lessons from Gene Simmons and my ‘celebrity’ grocery store status

I’ve met some great celebrities over the years.

My most memorable?


Gene Simmons… the master marketer and brilliant business man. Incredible guy with some astounding business acumen!

Gene Simmons.

My buddy Owen and I were having a beer and some dinner in Nashville, I looked up, and there was good old Gene walking out of a side door.

No body guard posse.

Just good old Gene.

We went over before anyone else caught on to this and had a great time talking to him

Soon enough people caught on and the mob ensued.

But until that time, it was amazing that a guy who reported rakes in $50Mill a year or so from all his businesses, was as casual about it as he was.

He said the reason he does it that way is that he “knows who pays his bills – his fans”.

Good attitude! Wish more celebrities actually thought that way, instead of the pretentious asses they tend to be.


Just last week I was at the grocery store grabbing some chow.

I hear this “Troy…. Troy WHITE?” from behind me.

I turn around and there’s this young guy there – someone who I don’t know.

“Ya” I blurt out.

“Im a HUUUUUGE fan!” he says.

He goes on to tell me about his copywriting training, about how he found me locally, and realized I’ve been around the block a time or two with my copy. He knows I’ve written for many very well known gurus types like John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, Ron Legrand, to name a few.

Then he turns to my girlfriend and says “he’s a celebrity”.

After I finished choking on my vomit, I laughed.

Not something I think of myself as, to say the least.

But it was funny how people perceive you after reading some blog posts and some emails.

What’s funnier?

I met the guy for a coffee and am trying to KICK HIS ASS to get focused and productive!

To get writing blog posts, to get writing copy, to get clients and PAID to write copy!

And he is.

He’s a smart dude that Carmichael :)

Anyhow, yesterday I told you about Ray Higdon’s 3 Minute Expert program coming out.

Ray was BANKRUPT just a few years ago!

Now he makes millions.

Blogging was his main tool.

Which turned to sales copy – scripting – email newsletters – etc.

I started blogging 8 or so years ago for John Jantsch’s Blod Network.

We were leading edge back then – we got written up on (even specific mentions to my articles ;) – it was FANTASTIC.

No matter WHAT your business or industry – being a celebrity expert in your field is an exceptional way to build your business and grow your income.

I’m working inside a new B2B industry right now as a partner in a business I know nothing about.

BUT… that doesn’t mean I have to come across that way.

Nor do you.

No matter if you are new in your business or you’ve been there for 14 years (like I have in my sales copywriting business), Ray’s new 3-Minute Expert Course is HIGHLY recommended.

But for now there’s NOTHING to buy – just stuff to learn from.


==> Go here –

Click on learn more – then fill in your email to get qualified.

That will take you to a GOLDMINE page full of great training videos you get for free – just fill in your email on that page too and you are rocking.

FREE TRAINING on how Ray went from bankrupt to millionaire in just a few years.

I don’t recommend a ton of other products, but Ray’s a great marketer and this is a fantastic source of information!

Grab the free training series here ==>




Plot Twist: How being called “expert” KILLS your respect and sales

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay – Enjoying the Celebrity Lifestyle and Paydays

Like it or not, we are in what publicity expert Paul Hartunian calls a…

“Celebrity-Obsessed Culture”

I’ve written on this many times, about the likes of Gene Simons, Katy Perry, Gordon Ramsay, or Lady Gaga… and the immense marketing power they hold… just by being a celebrity.

What does ‘being a celebrity’ mean?

Simply this:

People give FAR more attention, money and power to “celebrities” than they do “experts.”

This is why you can have scientists, doctors, and other highly trained professionals’ opinions trumped by some clueless Hollywood celebrity who decides to write a book on whatever “cause-of-the-month” they cling to. For some reason, nobody cares so much what “experts” think about anymore.

That is, unless you happen to be a celebrity, too.

Which is a bummer if you’re a “for real” expert trying to be heard.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

There is a way to make yourself a celebrity AND an expert (the ideal “one-two punch” combo), where people not only seek you out to join your membership and buy your products – but do it sight unseen.

What is this way, you ask?


But, not just any kind of blogging.

It has to be the right kind of blogging (HINT: Almost nobody who teaches blogging understands this).

Enter Ray Higdon’s “3-Minute Expert”.

This course was created by someone who truly understands how to position yourself both as a respected expert, but also a celebrity in your business.

It’s a lot easier than you think.

And, you will be shocked by how quickly it works.

(He doesn’t call it “The 3-Minute Expert” for nothing).


You also get a PILE of free bonuses when you buy, too.

Bonuses that are, collectively, worth tens of thousands of dollars in value.

You can read more about this here:

This is an exceptional free training series leading up to Ray’s launch.

Yes – there will be a product for sale later – but for now, get on this training series AND START APPLYING WHAT YOU LEARN!

I am an avid investor in educational products, coaches, and mentors.

I’ve bought Ray’s products before and will be buying this too.

No matter WHAT your industry, celebrity status is a definite goal – a very profitable one at that.

In the coming week I’ll tell you about a celebrity experience I had the other day at… the grocery story.

In this case, I was the one who was the celebrity to the guy I ran into.

Funny story, for a future email :)

For now, get on this series of emails and learn, apply, profit!


PS: If you do decide that Ray’s product IS for you, then…

let me know after you invest in it and I will also throw in some
exceptional “celebrity-builder” resources:

* 2015 Cash Flow Calendar
* Story Selling Home Study Program
* DM Detox
* Small Display Ad Mastery
* Entrepreneurial Spirit Sauce
* 31k Club Email series



Learning vs doing

So the following is an email I sent to a young guy who’s got the passion to do big things in the marketing and copywriting world.

He has been asking me for some guidance, and was a little confused on what he should put his focus on – copywriting work or lead generation for clients.

As far as I know, he has never done either for paying clients yet.

Key word is YET.

I see this a lot in business, and in life.

Paralysis by analysis – and a fear to do ANYTHING that really matters!

Here’s my response, hopefully it inspires you to DO MORE STUFF.

  No matter what your skill set is – you need to be a marketer first and foremost.
  Copywriting skills are the foundation behind all marketing.  All lead generation ads need copy.  all conversion sequences need copy and scripts. Sales pages, order pages, autoresponders, etc.
  My point is – no matter if you decide to do lead gen or freelance work, you need to (1) get your skills honed for writing sales copy and (2) you need to DO marketing and copy.  This is the biggest problem I see out there with people.  They talk a big story, and they can share every book they’ve read on copywriting, or lead gen, or _____.  But they’ve never actually DONE anything with their supposed skills.  It’s not a skill you’ve developed until you’ve done it.
  As an example: I love my martial arts.  Done it for many years.  I compete in it against guys less than half my age.  There’s lots of big talkers in martial arts – they go to the classes, they watch UFC fights on the weekends, they’ve read the books. They talk a big story. But they’ve never once gone into an actual tournament.  They’ve never been punched in the face hard and seen stars.  They’ve never taken a leg kick that made them see stars.  All the skills in the world are useless if you don’t ever put them into practical use.  Get dirty. Get bloody.  Get punched in the face – a lot.
  Same with copy and marketing.  Until you’ve gone out and written 10,000 words of copy for an ACTUAL product launch. Until you’ve had that copy put to graphics.  Until you’ve had that finished campaign go live. Until you poured PAID traffic to that campaign. Until you’ve actually seen what happens when the market says “your copy sucks”.  Until you’ve done all of that time and time again, you are just talking.
  The ONLY way to get good at this business is to DO IT.
  You have no clue what type of work you will enjoy or hate until you’ve done it.
  So learn to write copy – then write it for paying clients.
  Learn how to do lead generation – then DO IT for paying clients.
THEN you will know what you are good at, or not.
  Only then.
  Books smarts are great – but they don’t pay the bills.
  Client work does.  Product creation and sales do.
  Work on those things!
 My thoughts anyhow.

My video interview sharing exceptional story selling examples

I’m always on the look out for avenues to share good solid information that grows your business.

One of those ways is through webinars.

Which are a fantastic media for sharing content.

Recently, Debra Isbell interviewed me on one of my favorite marketing subjects…

…story telling that boosts your sales.

Nothing beats a good story, properly mixed in with effective sales strategies.

And there’s no better place to lear about the mixture of sales and stories than in some of the examples I talk about on this webinar.

In an ever-cluttered online marketing world, trying to get, hold, and convert attention is not a simple task.

Stories can help you do that!

Go here and watch this webinar with Debra and I (yes – my ugly mug is on the video – something I don’t do often :)

Grab a pen and some paper.

Take notes about the story selling examples I use.



…take your notes, and find 3-5 ways to make the proven story selling techniques work in YOUR business.

Write them down.

And implement at LEAST 1 or 2 of them this week.

All the grandest of intentions are great… but they won’t make you a dime.

Listening to all the audios, watching the webinars, reading the ebooks, and buying the courses… all good.


Unless you DO something with what you learn, you’ll forever be stuck in excuse making mode (I have a doozy I could share with you this week about an excuse maker that “knows it all” yet does nothing).

Learn – apply – test rapidly.

That is the formula.

And this is the content to apply

Have a great day.



My favourite marketing tool for rapid response

In the past 14 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve written well over a thousand (or two – or three) articles, lord only knows how many words of sales copy for myself and my clients, and tried all kinds of marketing tools.

Fortunately for me, right away – way back in 2001 – I caught on to what is STILL my favourite marketing tool.

It’s the tool that I always recommend to my clients.

It’s the tool I’ve used consistently for myself, and my business partners for 14 years now.

It’s the best tool for converting new leads into clients…

…and it’s not that difficult to master.

I’m talking about the ability to craft emails.

The more of it you do, the faster you get…

The faster you get, the more revenues you make…

The more revenues you make, the better the lifestyle…

It’s truly a wonderful thing.

And it’s simple to get started.

Daniel Levis is quickly becoming a legend with his New “Email Alchemy” email marketing strategy

In fact, over the last few months alone Daniel has engineered “Alchemized” email promotions that pulled in over $3 per subscriber in just 10 days… $5 per subscriber in just 14 days… and get this, $16 per subscriber in just 16 days, with his latest $400,000 case study!

I kid you not… and best of all, Daniel is giving away a free report to help you with your own email marketing, FOR FREE.

It gives you his thinking on “subject lines” plus 437 proven winners that pulled like gangbusters.

[NOTE: Subject lines and headlines - same thing really - are my FAVOURITE to write! Great ones make you money - time and time again - so work on this skill FIRST!]

Go here and grab Daniel’s SUBJECT LINE MADNESS for EMAIL MARKETING Mastery report.

Interestingly, with EMAIL ALCHEMY, Daniel set out to prove that by doing everything WRONG — exactly the opposite of what most people do with their list — you actually make WAY more money.

The proof is in the pudding, because these unique, easy to write Email Alchemy style campaigns brought in between $3 and $16 PER NAME respectively, from lists as small as 9,500 names.

Even better… there was no fancy social media marketing campaign.  No launch partners and prizes. Nothing but good-old email and a house list…

…my favorite tool

Best of all, once you’ve downloaded your copy, you’ll also get free access to a special companion video and free webinar training that will help you immediately start profiting from them!

You’ll zip right up the learning curve to true email marketing mastery …and ditch the painful trial and error that most people never get past.

To your email success,


P.S. If you write emails to promote your own products and services, then this training is perfect for you.