Is your business going 1 step forward and 10 back?

I’ll be the first to admit that starting and building a business isn’t nearly as simple as the BS artists like to make it out to be.

It’s over 13 years now that I’ve been in this business.

Through the ups, the downs, and the omg-will-this-ever-end stages!

Much like my martial arts training… which, coincidentally, is also around that same number of years.

I did Muay Thai/kickboxing for 4 years, then took a ways too long break, then got into Tae Kwon do for 7 years, getting my 2nd Degree Black Belt, then got BACK into Muay Thai/kickboxing at the young age of 45.

I love it.

And I hate it.

I love the awesome workouts, the intense training and skills, and nothing better (to me) than getting in a sparring match and punching and kicking my way through it. Which means I get punched and kicked far too much (even tore my knee ligament back earl Dec last year).



But like my business, there are times when I just want to bail.

Give it up.


Do something different.

It feels like I make awesome headway, then it feels like I am a newbie again and took 37 steps backwards (last night in training was one of those times).

But, also like my business, I pick up the pieces, go BACK to the basics, and get focused once again on the area(s) that I need most help in.


That’s what can fix almost ANY and EVERY problem in business and marketing.

The basics of using a solid story to bond with your buyers (like I show you in

Or being more prolific in your prospecting and marketing (like the Cash Flow Calendar gives you every single day of the month and year – step by step, copy and paste templates!)

If you feel like you are stuck.

Grab one or both of those resources, or just reply back and let’s chat.

I have a very simple solution for you.

Hit reply.


And will get you out of a stagnant situation!

Have a great day.



How to move past selling on price

I had a good email from a follower today:

Hi Troy,

I love your stuff and always look forward to your emails. I have been perusing your site looking for information or products relating to local businesses with a tough problem and maybe you can point me in the right direction.

How to best help local service businesses that are in a profit compressed industry that find it tough to distinguish themselves?

Let’s take propane dealers as an example. They have no other products except for the delivery of propane. Family owned, and oddly enough, most of their competitors are also family owned generation to generation.They all compete on friendly service staff, timely deliveries, price, and attention-to-detail.

And yes, (drives me crazy too) you could swap company logos with any competitor and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

How can I best help these type of companies?

Thanks, Peter

Great question – one many people can’t move past. They think it’s all about price – low price. Especially when that’s how your competition sells. And yet, as you well know, price isn’t everything. It’s part of the equation, but NEVER the only factor involved!

My answer:

Hi Peter. About the best advice I could give would be to get yourself and your business ‘personality’ out there more.

While everyone competes on price, you are showing them there is more to you than just a decent price.

You can have comparable and competitive pricing, but you have personality.

As an example: I did a campaign for a guy who owned a trash can company. The big bins that businesses rent when needing lots of trash dumped, or home owners need for doing renos to put their junk in.

A trash can is a trash can – prices are all pretty much the same.

I put together a letter we mailed to 200 of the largest home builders in the market. Cold list – none of them knew him – and they all buy based on price.

The letter focused very LITTLE on price or service (all the competitors were pretty much the same).

It focused very MUCH on his personality, his family values, his love for being an entrepreneur and raising a great family.

The results?

19% conversion rate.

A cold list – 200 letters mailed out – 19% of them said they loved the letter and wanted to talk more.

Many of these cold prospects THANKED HIM for such a personal approach to a cold, price-based business.

Obviously, this was the way to go other than focusing on price.

Hope that gives you a few thoughts.



Hope that gives YOU a few thoughts too.

Work on your personality in print as I like to call it.

Share your personality.

Use IT as a competitive differentiator.

It’ll open FAR MORE DOORS than being the cheapest on the block!


PS: Best resource I have to help you with this – Story Selling Tips!  Steal of a deal that’ll get you using your stories like a king or queen!


Jim Palmer and the Power of Decision

We’ve all made this dumb mistake.

You get a great idea for a new product or business.

You hum. Then you haw.

Click to grab this interview with Jim Palmer and myself

Click to grab this interview with Jim Palmer and myself

You put it off.

Sometimes (commonly) you overanalyze the idea TO DEATH.

Nothing gets done.

Then few weeks, months, maybe years later…


Coulda been you.

Shoulda been you.

I’ve known Jim Palmer for quite a few years now.

He’s the exact opposite of the above scenario!

He gets an idea – then steam rolls over procrastination!

Implementing ONE thing after ANOTHER.

Next thing you know… he has a KILLER business and an enviable business model.

I interviewed him about the POWER OF DECISIONS…

Here it is for download ==>

Some of my best and most profitable ventures came about with a lightning fast decision to act and implement!

Jim reveals some great nuggets in this interview, and is also giving away 500 copies of his new book, Decide.

So listen to the audio here=>

Then quickly grab a copy of his book before 500 copies are snapped up!


PS: One last one – become a MASTER at using stories in your
writing! This is a simple one to get good at fast… but you need
to do what is outlined above, AND use a template like I have
in the Story Selling Tips course.

I am offering the recordings of that EXACT same program…

…for $28!

How’s THAT for a no-brainer?

Grab it now before I change my mind

The info is here (where you can grab it for $99) ==>


you can just go here and grab it for $28… your choice :)



Forget 50 shades – you only need 3 steamy shades for great writing

Someone asked me the other day if I had some writing tips for
them to make their writing more persuasive and easier to read.

So I put down three writing tips that will improve your writing
skills and help you persuade others through your emails, web
pages, direct mail or video scripts.

The first of the three writing tips:

Write out ads, sales letters, even fiction writing by hand.
That’s right… pen and paper writing.  Old school. Computers not

I fought this one for a long time… thinking there is no way
writing tips like this would help my writing style.

To me, the writing tips that I kept looking for were the ones
about headlines, and about the persuasiveness of what I wrote.

There was no way writing tips like “hand write out other peoples’
writing” would work.

But it did.

One day I stopped fighting it…

…and started doing it.

From then on, I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and hand-write out
direct response ads written by the greats.  For 2 hours at a time
I would hand write those ads out till my hands were cramping and
in pain.

Go figure… writing tips like that one actually DID work.

In 6 months, that one writing tip was able to do what would have
normally taken me years to do.

My writing style was night and day from when I started writing
out other ads.

And my response from those ads and letters was excellent.

Writing tips like that can help make you and/or your clients a
LOT of money.
The second of the three writing tips trifecta…



Blog posts.

You name it… write it.

While I was doing the first of the three writing tips… I started
tracking my hours I was investing in my writing skill.

I printed out a 1,000 square sheet and marked an X through one of
the thousands squares every time I Invested and hour in my

The first 1,000 squares took ~ 18 months.

The next 1,000 took ~ 12 months.

I tracked up to just over 3,000 and stopped tracking.

That was 10 or so years ago.

Of the three writing tips here, this is the one that motivated me
the most.

Filling those squares in kept pushing me along day after day to
fill that sheet.

Very powerful.
The last of the three writing tips…

Be a natural ‘talker’ in your writing. Pretend you are out for a
coffee, a beer, maybe a wine with your best friend. Think about
how relaxed you are as you sit there chatting between you.

That’s how you write…just like you talk.

If there is one of these writing tips that will make your writing
that much more enjoyable to read… this is the one.  The more your
writing sounds like a natural conversation amongst two good
friends, the easier it is to read and the more people will enjoy
your style.
The three writing tips I just shared here have helped me live a
life I love.  For 13 years now, I have been using these writing
tips to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and home
business builders grow their businesses through better marketing.
Please take these writing tips to heart and use them – the
results you will love.

Have a great day.


PS: One last one – become a MASTER at using stories in your
writing! This is a simple one to get good at fast… but you need
to do what is outlined above, AND use a template like I have
in the Story Selling Tips course.

I am offering the recordings of that EXACT same program…

…for $28!

How’s THAT for a no-brainer?

Grab it now before I change my mind

The info is here (where you can grab it for $99) ==>


you can just go here and grab it for $28… your choice :)


90:1 … the real truth to business success in 2015

We are 1/8 th of the way through 2015… ALREADY!

Hopefully some resolutions were stuck to.

Most will have been broken.

Truth hurts.

People have a real tough time sticking to things.  I’ve see it in business and I’ve seen it in my martial arts training.

What most seem to forget though – each month is a fresh one.  Each week is.  Each day.

Starting over can begin right now.

Not tomorrow – putting it off will get you no where.

You know that.

I’ll tell you what though.

You commit right now to something.

Your health.

Your wealth.

And stick to a plan

90 day plans are PERFECT. 



And life altering …if you let them. 

The next 10.5 months will fly by with or without your goals being achieved.

The choice and power is completely in your hands.

Make those goals happen…

Or not.

If you want to take control though – finally putting a plan in place that’s guaranteed to work – an make it happen…then hit reply and comment below (or email me at troy@smallbusinesscopywriter).

I am putting together a group of people who want to CRANK IT UP in the next 90 days.

People who DO things… rather than talk about them.

People who LOVE seeing results… rather than criticizing the results other people get.

People who ACT… rather than pretend they are actually doing anything.

For the next 90 days, we will plan out your marketing.

You will leverage the power of a great story – and use it to rapidly grow your cash flow.

For 90 days, you will be accountable… and will see the results.

NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BUSINESS… this is guaranteed to get you results.

In 13 years of helping people start and grow businesses, I’ve seen near-miracles happen in just 90 days.

Not by pushing the stupid magic buttons you see being pitched online.

But, by systematically IMPLEMENTING a plan of attack… and sticking with it for just 90 days.


Are you ready to crank things up for 90 days… and completely change your business, your income, and your future.

90 days from right now we are heading into Mid-May, almost June.

You can enjoy the summer with a system in place to help you actually HAVE a summer.

Or not.

The choice is yours.

If you DO want to change your life and business in 90 days, just hit reply and let’s talk (if you don’t have a business or product – we can also discuss ideas).

No cost or obligation for a talk.

And the 90 day plan is designed to be inexpensive, flexible, and results-oriented.

A simple comment below (or email me at troy@smallbusinesscopywriter).


And step #1

Don’t let 2015 fly by without the results you want.

1/8th of the year already ripped by… let’s grab the remainder and make the most of it…


Hit reply below and let’s chat.



3 fanTABulous ideas on National Toad Licker Day

Guess what’s top of news today?toadlicker

* The onslaught of a massive snow storm in Eastern US. Millions will be affected – please be careful out there.

* The “near-miss” of asteroid 2004 BL86 today

* All of the stupid shenanigans of politicians in Canada, the US, and… pretty well every country in the world (politicians are quite the fodder for stupidity news lately)

* 50 Shades of Grey announced it’s the BEST pre-sales of a movie YET (could have easily changed the subject to TOE licker instead of TOAD licker, in honor of that movie/book series!)


* National Toad Lickers Day!!

Yup – it’s today.

Why the hell not?

I was being interviewed for Ben Settle’s Email Players newsletter the other day, and we were talking about bizarre and unusual email ideas.

…more specifically – the LACK of unusual, weird and wacky promotions like National Toad Lickers Day.

I made it up – BECAUSE it’s National Make Up Your Own holiday Day (that one’s a real one).

Ben and I were getting quite the kick out of all the goldmine ideas out there inside the 2015 Cash Flow Calendar

It’s funny because there are thousands of ways you can use email, social media, direct mail, or telepathic marketing techniques with the Cash Flow Calendar at your side.

IN FACT – if you are getting HAMMERED by snow this week – you should be grabbing the calendar RIGHT NOW – then turning to page 5 of the 147 page Swipe File (a bonus on TOP of the calendar) and STEALING my Dear Mother Nature copy.
*** Toad Lickers tip #1 ***

Use that copy and email to your list or put out on social media (making a few modifications to suit your products or services).

It’s worked for me in various niches I market to…

Chances are – it’ll make you some moola too!
*** Toad Lickers tip #2 ***

This is a simple one – that most will ignore.

How do I know that?

Because it’s not a shiny little doohickey that most desperately want to believe is the secret to their success.

Here it is – take your product and map out your top 3 buyers. Even your ideal buyers would work. Their professions or industries. Their gender. Their hobbies will work too.

Then write 3 DIFFERENT ads and headlines – one for EACH niche market.

So if you are selling Chiropractic services (as an example), write ads for:

1) 40-50 year old Male Cab Drivers (they spend a lot of time in their car – chances are they have back issues).
2) 50 year old females that work at a computer in an office (computer work can be killer for the lower back)
3) 65 year old males now retired from blue collar work (all the hard labor causes grief with the joints)

Each one can (and SHOULD) be called out in the headline.
Each one should have a bundle/special made JUST FOR THEM

Then test them!

I did something like this for a product/service I offer. I chose a completely unrelated industry – designed the ad to speak their language – found a publication designed just for them – and ran a lead generation ad.


A wicked conversion rate on the lead page – and a whole new industry to market to!

This works – if you put a bit of work into it.

It’s not shiny – not even really sexy – but it sure CAN be profitable!

(if you need help with this repay back and let me know)
*** Toad Lickers tip #3 ***


We are almost a month into 2015.

I see resolutions being dropped faster than waist lines.

And yet, we STILL have 11 MONTHS of the year to get SERIOUS.

Focus like you’ve never focused before.

Challenge yourself – and join masterminds or groups that challenge you.

Put numbers to your goals – then break those numbers down to monthly goals, weekly, and daily (hourly works great for mini-blasts).

…and then stretch yourself to BEAT those goals every chance you get.

Schedule competition times to do this.


You have a brand new shiny year in front of you – NOW is the time to get serious.

The Cash Flow Calendar is designed to give you a SERIOUS BUTT KICKING and Cash Flow Boosting year (one promo done the way I recommend in that plan will probably pay you back 10 TIMES or more the first campaign you do!)


Be more daring.
Act more.
Focus on fewer shiny objects and get laser focused on daily income producing activities.

And use your stories more! The Story Selling Course is for just that

Combine Cash Flow Calendars and Story Selling and you are going to ROCK this year!

(PLUS – if you are in Calgary – and can make it to a noon-hour class Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll whip you into shape too with the Kickboxing Blaster Class that I teach every Tues/Thur from 12:10-12:50. Just drop me a reply and I will let you know the details.